The strong network effect of “good manners” stands in the way of decentralization

Why can’t we have our decentralized, cryptographically secured private cake AND eat it at the same time?

Most folks’ wants are close to the mean. The normal distribution underpins this in many questions in the social sciences (keep implicit Response Bias in mind!)

In fact, it is debatable whether financially anonymous societes have an evolutionary advantage over transparent ones. The jury is still out and none of the people alive at the time of writing will get to know the answer.

Mind is software. Decentralized groups need to guard their mental software. Religious and national institutions serve such a purpose for legacy systems. What does decentralization have to show here?

Proudly produced in coopetition with 0xjim — read his work. Clap for us. Then meditate on what purposes exist out there that you could fulfill. And then make them reality.



DHT delivers observations and analysis from deep within the cryptosphere. We touch upon emergent methods for humans to deliver value, socioeconomics, systems engineering and always return to the core question— can we evolve fast enough? Who or what will need to be left behind?

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Dawid G.

My heart beats for web3 entrepreneurship and building technology for a fairer and more accessible world. Big on Science, Psychology and Sovereignty.