My name is Cristina and I turn 44 today.

Cristina Juesas
Apr 29, 2017 · 3 min read

Once again, it’s been a good year from April 29th 2016 to April 29th 2017. This year I’ve done hundreds of things. I dove deeper into TED and TEDx, two wonderous universes to discover. I’ve been very involved with Toastmasters, too. I also worked a lot, but that’s what it takes, I guess. I met amazing people (again), but if I have to define the past year for something, it’s been the year of travelling. I traveled a lot (like beyond belief a lot): twice to America, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, also a lot within Spain… This is, more or less, the summary:

1. I started my 43rd with (post TEDx) hangover.

2. I quit smoking.

3. My nephew Leo was born.

4. I went to another Bruce Springsteen gig.

5. I travelled to Luxembourg.

6. I became Area Director of Toastmasters.

7. I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my high school prom and we had a great time.

8. I also caught up with some fellows and re-established some friendships.

9. I have a picture of Jesús Quintana dressed as a sailor. And you don’t.

10. I received a visit from friends from the UK, who were in.

11. I travelled to America again.

12. I had a short and nice visit at the airport in Toronto’s stopover.

13. I went to the Rocky Mountains.

14. I attended a TED event for the first time.

15. I met amazing people, including Loic Lemeur, who I had been following forever on social media.

16. I went to Boise and visited JTG.

17. I spent a lot of time with Paul and Amie. Love you guys!

18. I cheered through another 4th of July parade.

19. I photographed THE barn of Grand Teton. Yes, that barn.

20. I went to Yellowstone National Park.

21. I visited a country and farmers’ supply store in Helena, MT.

22. I saw glaciers in Jasper National Park (back in Canada.)

23. I saw black bears.

24. I was in Calgary during the Stampede.

25. I got another tattoo. I already know it’s not my last tattoo.

26. I travelled to France and Italy with my family. Back in Florence, and Venice, and Avignon. So nice.

27. I travelled to Athens for the first Toastmasters’ DECM of the term.

28. I collaborated with a TV show for a couple of months.

29. I gave talks at the city council’s Urban Commerce event, a collaborative event at the Chamber of Commerce, an Ignite event… and I’m preparing a Pint of Science talk too!

30. I travelled to Boston (second trip to America of the year) to experience TEDxBeaconStreet. I loved the New England fall. Gotta get back.

31. I participated in a TEDx Spain and Andorra organizer’s gathering in Madrid.

32. I’m listening to LP and Maitre Gims too much. Nothing serious, no worries. I have tickets to see Chris Isaak and John Fogarty in a couple of months.

33. I organized another TEDxVitoriaGasteiz, being the host and curator. I’m still under that feeling you get when it all ends.

34. I am teaching communications in the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Degree program of the Basque Culinary Center at the University of Mondragon. I love teaching.

35. I’ve made an audience do the Mexican wave.

36. I already know that I will visit Milano and Athens, as the next Toastmaster Conferences are going to be held there. Yay!

37. I’m planning a trip to Winterthur, close to Zurich in Switzerland.

38. I achieved Advanced Communicator Silver. Hey, DTM, here I come!

39. For the second year, I am co-director of a summer course at the University of the Basque Country about effective communication.

40. I am also a returning teacher in the Master’s Degree Social Media Alava.

41. I have been nominated for Division Director (Spain West.)

42. I am planning another trip to another TED conference.

43. This time, in Tanzania…

44. I am happy. And I’m making the most of it.

A wander around digital identity

Thoughts on social media, personal branding, digital…

A wander around digital identity

Thoughts on social media, personal branding, digital business, and more.

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A wander around digital identity

Thoughts on social media, personal branding, digital business, and more.