Being a Blogger

Of all the things I could say about myself, the one that tops the list is — I’m a blogger.

Being a blogger defines me. It defines me more than anything else I’ve also chosen to be. I’m a blogger because I want to be one. Blogging has shaped who I am over the last 9 years; because blogging means much more than just writing. Blogging implies showing your world to others, sharing it, and being open to discuss it. But, before showing anything, blogging involves deep and creative thinking. It’s not a professional tag, and it’s not a personal tag either. It’s much more than that.

Being a blogger is a state of mind.

Once you’ve been bitten by the blog bug, it won’t leave you, and you’ll see everything around you from a different perspective. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night to jot down your dreams, so as not to forget them. You never know where an idea for that super post is. You’ll carry a notebook in your bag. You’ll look at people differently, scanning them as a Terminator would, in search of inspiration. Everyday routines become funnier also. There’s something about them. There’s nothing better than showing the world the magic behind something as simple as a shower, or a new product you’ve tried, or the types of men you like.

“You feel like a Terminator in search of inspiration”

Blogging is powerful.

Giving your opinions exposes you to others. Some of them will like what you write, some won’t. You’ll be able to measure your power by the number and the passion of your followers.

It’s weird how this personal exposition works. The more exposed you are, the more protected you feel. Because your stories will resonate with lots of people , more than you can imagine! And these people will be there for you if a fool starts trolling.

Blogging leads us to be more honest. More honest with others, but even more so, more honest with ourselves. If you are not convinced about something, you can’t convince others.

Blog-tainted glasses.

You blog, and things start happening around you. No matter what your blog is about, there’s gonna be magic. You are Master and Commander of your typing efforts; you decide how, when and what to post. You re-discover what freedom is, and once you set yourself free, there’s no turning back. What’s more, seeing the world from your blog-tainted glasses will make you see things hidden to others. It’s a spirit that will never leave you again

Jargon and...

Ha! You thought blogging was just about writing, right? Well, that’s far from truth. In the beginning of your blogging days, maybe. However, time and stats will teach you a lot about many other things: the best times for publishing ,the best platform(s), a little bit of html coding, another little bit of Photoshop and photo editing, some SEO touches, community management skills, to name a few.

Evolution of a blogger.

Not all who blog feel about it the same way, though. Some suffer blogging as a duty; they need to blog for any given reason, but that doesn’t mean they are bloggers, and they will find an excuse for leaving the blog as soon as they can. There are some bloggers who only blog about professional issues. They might even be good at it, but they do it because they need to. There are a few who are really good at it, and you can almost read them without having the feeling they are trying to sell you something. Other bloggers — in the sciences or engineering, for instance — are very passionate about their thing, but their content is not suitable for everybody.

If you like blogging, don’t take it for granted; blogging isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. It’s not the same thing to blog in a country where your ideas can lead you to jail — or even worse — as it is to blog in a country where freedom of speech is respected. We have read terrible news about bloggers being prosecuted. So being a blogger is not the same thing here and there.

I wrote about passion recently. Passion will show you the right path, if you want to start blogging. Maybe this isn’t for you, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know. I started writing a personal blog, which is still alive. But I’ve evolved to other types of blogging — more pro, as it were — too. What I’ve never lost are the curiosity and honesty. I love the feeling! I love being a blogger! That’s what I am.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.”