Working in Media? Here are 17 Awesome Newsletters You Have to Have in Your Inbox!💌

We all love newsletters! They fly right into our inbox and keep us informed about all those things we have to know or want to know. But newsletters are the cool new thing for a while now, so there are a lot of them out there. Which ones do you really have to read? We asked our awesome Slack community of digital journalists to recommend the one newsletter they love most. Enjoy!

(And in case you subscribe to all of them and they flood your inbox: sorry. Not sorry. :) )

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Journalism, publishing and what our competitors are doing right now.

1. The American Press Institute

read by Andrew Nelson, Natasha Madov and Tilman

The American Press Institute daily newsletter is packed with details, some big vision, think-pieces, but also do-it-now tips for those in the trenches. It never fails to tell me something I didn’t know.

2. Benedict Evans Weekly Digest

read by David Tvrdon

Although I get many (maybe too much) media newsletters everyday, the Benedict Evans weekly digest on mobile and tech is definitely a must read. I think journalists on one hand need to follow the latest media trends and on the other hand mobile is the future, so the two go nicely together.

3. NiemanLab Daily Digest

read by Christian Simon, Michaël Jarjour and almost everyone else in this Slack community

“The obvious one.” (Michaël)

“NiemanLabs Daily Digest is great, but I rarely have time to read all the stuff in it. So if I can only name one, that would be it.” (Christian)

Nothing more to say. Subscribe. Now.

4. Next Draft

read by Tilman and Katalina Präkelt

“I guess that one’s well known, but still. It’s a well written NL, covering the most important stories of a day across the landscape. If I have enough time, I simply enjoy reading Dave Pell’s texts.” (Tilman)

“Old, but gold (and only partly media-related): Dave Pell’s “Next Draft”. It is neatly curated and provides a pretty great overview over the most intriguing stories on the web. Plus, since it is a morning newsletter in the US, it makes for a good evening read in Germany.” (Katalina)

5. Melody Kramer’s Newsletter

read by Carlos Alonso

I always enjoy Melody Kramer ‘s newsletter. Funny, interesting, fresh takes on media, journalism and communication in general.

6. Eurotopics

read by Sebastian Schlenker

I very much like the Eurotopics newsletter which collects media voices to news topics from around Europe. You get translated opinions and news to topics that matter in Europe/the EU. Available in German, English and French.

7. Muck Rack Daily

read by Natasha Madov

Another journalism newsletter that I like a lot is Muck Rack daily. It’s more US-centric and talks about PR but I find it useful.


From startup news to tech and tv series.

8. New York Times Watching Newsletter

read by Thomas Becht

I really enjoy the New York Times Watching Newsletter — where NYT experts recommend series and movies once a week. It also includes hints to NYT-stories about that series and movies. In my eyes a smart way to create an interesting newsletter, that especially catches younger people for NYT content.

9. Launch Ticker

read by Martin Hoffmann

I would recommend two newsletters that I find interesting: The first one is the “Launch Ticker” from Jason Calacanis. It is a paid newsletter (10 dollars a month/100 dollars a year) but as it curates all the important news about what’s happening in the tech and startup scene in a way that is easily scannable I pay the price gladly.

10. EUinterest & EUkontext

read by Jan Oczenasek

I would like to recommend the newsletter of the people behind @EUinterest & @EUkontext. The newsletter exists in German and in English and collects the most relevant and of course interesting stories/analyses of the European Union. They do not only collect written stories but also all types of media from long researches to podcast’s. Attention: this newsletter makes you somehow to a EU nerd.

11. Inside Daily Brief

read by Martin Hoffmann

The other Newsletter I’d like to recommend is also from Jason Calacanis — who tries to mimic the success of his Launch Ticker with a new “news newsletter” that does the same thing for news: It curates the most important story’s of the day in an easy digestible way, adds some “click roulette” — et voila. You can try it at

12. The Skimm

read by Ulrike Klode

My recommendation: The Skimm. Because it’s awesome what the two woman who started it achieved in so little time. There’s no newsroom behind it — they started it because they thought that their way to present news might be useful for many people. Turned out they were right: they now have approx. two millions of (passionate) subscribers and they raised several million dollars for their newsletter-startup.

13. Caitlin Dewey Newsletter

read by Simon Hurtz

Please subscribe to the wonderful Caitlin Dewey. Now! Her “Links I Would Gchat You if We Were Friends” does not only have one of the funniest titels but also great content. I really wish that my friends would gchat me those links. Last week, Caitlin switched from a daily to a weekly frequency — which is sad (fewer links, fewer commentary), but I’m sure her newsletter will get even better when spending more time on it.

14. Monday Note

read by Viktor Dick

Monday Note is a wonderful piece to read each Monday about technology and publishing.


(As we’re a lot of Germans in this Slack Community, please bear with us that we recommended these three too.)

15. Social Media Watchblog

read by Daniel Krause, Sébastien Rippert and Lina Timm

The Social Media Watchblog gives an awesome overview about every tiny change in Facebooks algorithm, Snapchats features, Instagrams strategy or the next discussion about Twitters death. Daily from Monday to Thursday.


read by Tilman

I like it because once a week, it gives me three great stories worth reading. Sometimes I’ve already come across them myself, but often the NL holds a nice surprise and hence a good weekend read in store for me.

17. Piqd

read by Thomas Pleil

To me the daily picks on good reads on society and politics together with the hand-crafted teasers offering a lot of context are a proof of concept for curation as a journalistic form.

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