Children’s Suffrage: Give Kids The Vote

We’re citizens for our whole lives but only get to vote after our first 18 years.

That’s not fair. It deprives young people of the power to protect their interests.

We should be able to vote as soon as we’re civic literate.

Test that you understand the basics of how government works and how money works, and a bit about the USA and the world.

Until then, our guardians should be able to cast our proxy.

This vote is for me, and this second vote is for my daughter.

This could:

  • Incent young people to learn more civics and participate early. Hopefully, a lifelong habit.
  • Drive parents and kids to talk about civic matters with each other.
  • Acknowledge that children suffer society’s problems first and worst, from hunger and homelessness to violence and abuse.
  • Attract resources to young people as electeds seek the votes of more influential parents and their children.
  • Compel longer term thinking as young people have more at stake in 50 years than most electeds and most voters.
  • Address the issue that AARP members are much more likely to vote than people under 30. Rebalancing power to include minors and families.

What could make this proposal better?

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