Connecting the online and offline worlds

Reports say that by 2016 quarter of the world will be using a smartphone.

If we add Internet capable phones and smartwatches to this number, it means that most of the world population is carrying the Internet in their pocket and soon on their wrists.

This is changing everything. Business, sales, retail, entertainment, communication, literally everything is about to change.

At this point, the Internet is not something you browse, or apps something you casually open on your mobile. Instead we are blending the rich intelegence of the online with the offline. This is changing how we interact with the world around us.

Adding the Internet of Things, which soon will become Internet of Everything, with billions of sensors adding to the collective cloud, we are connectiong the real world with devices, people, processes and data.

This will drive a data economy beyond our imagination.

With bilions sensors gathering data everywhere (mobiles, wearables, autonomous cars, satellites, drones, cameras ), we’ll be able to know anything we want, anytime, anywhere, and search that data for answers and insights.

We will be all connected in any specific time, location and context. The real wolrd its never going to be the same.

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