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Digital Landowners Society (DLS)
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The mission of Digital Landowners Society (DLS) is to ensure a high level of metaverse decentralisation by uniting and empowering individual landowners. DLS makes this mission possible by uniting the landowners of the existing metaverses and providing them with tools to become a stronger and wealthier society.

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  • Metaverse Governance
  • Land and Power
  • A Dangerous Scenario
  • The First Line Of Defence
  • Digital Landowners Society (DLS)
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Crypto industry is far from massive real life adoption, because it could make the current financial system obsolete. It is a big threat to the current traditional institutions. While the massive adoption is not yet here, crypto wealth had to find its way to something attractive, joyful, cultural and blockchain based. NFTs worked out to be the best fit for that.

NFTs created a separate sub-industry within the crypto space. Looking at NFTs it is clear that this space is moving with giant steps to the metaverse direction. Metaverses bring us an opportunity to self-realise ourselves in whatever endeavours we feel like we have a talent in, meet our friends and find new ones, experience the unexperienced and be part of the wonderful world.

Metaverses are still in the early days of development at the moment and don’t have a high number of daily users. Though at some point there will be millions of daily users. With so many users, effective governance and high level of decentralisation will be vital to ensure metaverse freedom.

While there could be many different ways for Decentralized Metaverse Governance, one thing is clear, that landowners will have a big say in how metaverses develop. Number of lands have a hard cap in majority of current decentralized metaverses, thus the landowners could potentially block both game/experience makers and users from entering their lands.

The biggest threat that we could have in decentralized metaverses comes from major corporations, VCs, institutional investors and governments that will try to grab big chunks of lands. This will result in a handful of landowners that control majority of land supply and could push their agenda.

Digital Landowners Society (DLS) is our response to this threat. Our mission is to ensure high level of metaverse decentralisation by empowering individual landowners. DLS makes this mission possible by uniting the landowners of the existing metaverses and provides them with tools to become a stronger and wealthier society.

Our roadmap includes a variety of analytics, bots and other blockchain tools with an exclusive access enabled for DLS members. But it’s not only about the tools, we want to be the strongest society in the metaverses with our own avatars and much more.

You are welcomed to join us on this great journey! The team has a background in data science, smart contracts and game development. We truly believe that this society is a gem that you’ve been looking for and we are ready to execute on our vision and roadmap.

To read more information about the roadmap, please, scroll down.


This story is about a man that wants to be free.

The reason why he wants to be free is to create value. He wants to devote his life to it. He believes that creating value for other people is what makes life beautiful.

You might ask how is freedom connected to value creation?

Throughout the history billions of people have been left without the value that either they or their ancestors had created. They had invested infinite number of hours in creating value, which was later taken away on a whim of kings, dictators and governments.

It does not make sense to create anything if you know that your creation could be taken away from you by force. It does not make sense to create if you know that proceeds that were given to you in exchange for your creation could be extracted from you involuntarily.

We are in the early stage of a technology that could prevent the evil. Crypto is the only, currently available technology that brings back the true property rights to its holders. Property that could not be taken away by force.

First there was as a decentralized currency. You can truly own the currency. The second disruption came from the bright minds that brought all the real life financial services to blockchain and decentralized them. You can truly trust and own the financial services. In the third wave of the innovation cycle a technology was born to own any digital asset via so called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). You can truly own any digital asset.

Many more innovations are ahead of us, because our minds are now free to create value that could not be taken away from us.

The only problem is that we are able to freely create this value only in the web 3.0 space at the moment. Governments are too much threatened by the potential of the crypto industry to let us integrate it into the real life. This could make the traditional financial system absolute.

We are far from the world where we would be able to use our crypto wealth freely in the real life.

Yes, we can protest, we can fight, but do we really want to go against a machine that has monopoly over guns and heavy artillery? We came to this world to be creators. We love to live. We want to be happy. We do not want to fight with the bureaucratic machine.

So what do we do if we cannot use all of our crypto wealth in the real life? — We put it back into crypto, thus creating a parallel self-sustainable crypto economy.

Our goal is to make this crypto parallel economy so attractive to the real world that masses start to move to our side. We use our minds against the weapons and the heavy artillery.

But what if this mass adoption is 100 years away? What if this mass adoption is hundreds of regulations and loopholes away?


We need a place where we could not only trade, invest and collect, but a meta world were we could self-realise ourselves in whatever endeavour we feel like we have a talent in — plan cities, create architecture, build meta nations, develop cross-metaverse platforms and so much more.

It’s natural that metaverses are going to become a big part of the crypto world, unless the real life becomes the one where we are free and where our property rights could not be taken away from us.

Metaverses will become new social networks, where we hang out with our friends and meet the new ones. Where we hold team stand-ups and build our companies.

Metaverse Governance

Metaverses do not yet have a high user traction since we are in the early days, thus there are not many user groups with different opposing interests and opinions.

As soon as there are more stakeholders, the question would emerge of who is eligible to take part in decentralized decision making? — metaverse currency holders, land owners or maybe any users that spend enough time in the metaverse?

Another question is whether a landowner has true property rights upon a land in current metaverses? If the content hosted on the land could be banned by the governing body of a particular metaverse, it means that the landowner is not able to execute the full potential of the property rights. Though decentralized governance is already a big positive step, which majority of metaverses have already integrated or are in the process of integration.

Land and Power

Landowners, experience makers and users are part of one ecosystem. Landowners own the land on which experiences are built. More experiences create more choice, which drives more users and higher engagement. More users increase income of experience makers, which in turn attracts more experience makers to the metaverse. More experience makers means higher demand for renting/buying land, which increases the income/capital gains of the landowners.

The question is who has the most power among these three stakeholders in critical situations in a particular metaverse? — The answer is Landowners. Landowners are the only stakeholders that are able to reject both users and experience makers from entering their land in a particular metaverse.

Yes, of course, without the users neither the landowners nor the experience makers will make any income and it will not make sense to have that metaverse. But the question was about the Power in a particular metaverse.

A Dangerous Scenario

At the moment metaverses are not a big interest for institutions, but we are not far from the time when major corporations, VCs and institutional investors will try to grab big chunks of lands in metaverses.

Potentially this is the biggest thread that we could have in decentralized metaverses — a handful of landowners that control majority of land supply and are able to make decisions that benefit only their shareholders that might not even care about the metaverses at all.

This could lead to price manipulation, privacy issues, game makers not being able to implement their experiences for the users or users banned from the metaverses at the whim of the big landowners who might push their agenda.

The First Line Of Defence

It is in the best interests of the current landowners to UNITE against the potential thread of centralised institutions grabbing big chunks of the land and/or otherwise impacting the freedom and decentralization of the metaverses in the future.

Joining forces and strengthening each other could be one of the biggest achievements and joyful experiences we could ask for. We could become one of the most valuable communities in the NFT space.

If we create a community of landowners that manage their lands efficiently, increase their holdings and learn from each other by sharing information from different metaverses, we will be the top community in the NFT space.

The name of this community is Digital Landowners Society (DLS).

Digital Landowners Society (DLS)

The mission of DLS is to ensure high level of metaverse decentralization by empowering individual landowners.

DLS makes this mission possible by uniting the landowners of the existing metaverses and providing them with tools to become a stronger and a wealthier society.

The idea is to empower each and every landowner, because a society is as strong as the weakest of its members.

The team behind DLS will build various tools that will help landowners make faster and more cost efficient decisions when buying, selling or renting their land.

Besides the tools, DLS members will enjoy well curated networking and knowledge sharing events on discord.

It’s important to highlight that DLS is not a community based on one particular metaverse, instead we are a community of landowners that come from different metaverses. We share our experiences with each other and share alpha from different metaverses.

It’s always great to go on an adventure with a friend. DLS aims to be the community where you find those friends.

In order to strengthen the bonds among our community members we are going to create a special unique PFP collection for all of us. Yes, we want to be proud members of the Digital Landowners Society and we want other crypto community members to know about it.

Q4 2021

  • Platform Development (Alpha version)
    As we moved forward into Q4 2021, we had some ambitious plans in store. We wanted to redevelop how land was sold and purchased on the metaverse, with a particular focus on estate finding and floor tracking. This would help homeowners acquire interconnected land worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. With our team’s 20+ years of experience in data science, back-end system development, and blockchain technology, we brought this idea to life.
  • Whitelist Presale
    19:00 UTC 23th December — The big day is here! We’re excited for our Avatars to be released and available for purchase. We know that you are too! Only 1,000 DLS Avatars will be minted on the presale stage.
  • Public Presale
    19:00 UTC 24th December — Public is able to mint the remaining DLS Avatars from those 1,000 that were allocated for the presale stage.

Q1, 2022

  • Official Sale to DLS Avatar holders
    As the clock ticks past 19:00 UTC on January 18th, 2022, the minting price of each new Avatar increases by +0.0003 ETH per mint. Only those who already have an Avatar can continue to mint more. This was done to keep things exclusive and to give existing holders a chance to decide who can join the DLS community — by privately minting and privately listing the assets for their friends, or by selling them to the public on the secondary market. The price increase be a clear indication that people believe in the project and want to be part of it.
  • Intelligently designed Bidding Bot public launch
    It is a no-brainer that bidding bots manage to get out great deals, just because somebody urgently needs liquidity and does not have the time to wait for their asset to be sold. The DLS team is on its way to developing a bidding bot, which will help users make dozens of bids much faster. The goal of this tool is to make thousands of bids with just several clicks.
  • DLS avatar reveal
    Our fierce Leopard Avatars represent the strength and determination of our members and the history that brought us here mixed with futuristic elements. They are randomly generated avatars from 172 traits, being dressed in the clothes of different famous people throughout history.
  • Rarity Sniper
    Now you can track your DLS Avatar rarity with Rarity Sniper that helps check the rarity of your favourite NFT collections within a matter of seconds after they have been revealed. DLS NFTs will be listed on Rarity Sniper and be seen by NFT holders worldwide.

Q2, 2022

  • Launch of the fractional sale of land
    Not everyone can afford to buy a whole land. That’s why everyone will be given a chance to join others in fractional ownership.
  • Launch of Valuation Tool
    DLS Avatar holders will have exclusive access to the valuation tool. This nifty little tool will show you the market value of all major metaverse lands. Whether you’re a seller trying to get the right price for your land, or a buyer looking for a great deal, this tool is essential for anyone looking for an opportune metaverse real estate transaction.
  • Claiming of voxel versions of the DLS Avatars.

Q3, 2022

  • Launch of Market Trends tools
    As a landowner in the metaverse, it’s important to stay ahead of the trends. The Market Trends tool will help you do just that. This innovative new tool will give you access to heat-maps, analytics, and charts so you can better understand the trends in your area. With this information, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about your property. Only DLS Avatar holders will have access to the Market Trends tool.

Q4, 2022 & Beyond

  • More awesome features
    The future looks bright for DLS Avatar Holders. We’re continuing to work hard on developing new tools and features that will help our users run their virtual economies even more efficiently than before!


As you can see it’s quite a big roadmap with lot’s of different tools and NFT utilities. We will be recruiting more team members to ensure rapid deployment of new tools.


Vision, Strategy, Execution
0xGodmode has built 6 tech companies in the last 10 years — 2 of them failed, 1 had a great exit and 3 make passive income. His companies employ over 100 talents in Data Science industry at the moment.

He is fond of investing in metaverse lands and NFTs. 0xGodmode feels like it’s time to put a bigger contribution to the space by moving from the investor side to the builder side.


Data Science, Smart Contracts, Tech Management
Nitrog3n has over 15 years of experience in building core backend systems and AI applications for US and European companies. He has built his previous company together with 0xGodmode.

He is fond of blockchain technology and wants to devote his life to bringing higher adoption of decentralized systems.

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