Mapping out your social footprint

Where, why and when?

As mentioned on Twitter, before social advertising the only way to grow your presence between 2012–14 was to set up more accounts and expand your presence across platforms (pre-omnichannel).

I used to remember being shocked that people would not want to grow their online presence beyond an existing profile. Then suddenly all these new platforms came to life, offering new and exciting ways to grow your audience and unsurprisingly it worked!

However, you reach a point where you need to understand what you have created. The content ecosystem needs to be mapped out so you can start introducing processes, which are a far more efficient use of your time than a schedule.

This is why the map above was created. Some of it was where I wanted to be in the near future, such as pop up stores, but most of it was live and growing at a decent pace.

The community was located with the Pub and the Blueprint Exchange which both comprised of a personal assistant (pre-messaging bot,) to increase your engagement. Despite some aspects of the label being naive, a lot of what I was doing has become reality.

Messenger bots, communities and forums (Slack) are all major talking points in current marketing circles, as well as omnichannel.

The reason is simple, because people are trying to solve the same problems as I was encountering back then…

How do I increase engagement? What is the customer journey? How do I gain a competitive advantage? How do I increase revenue?

The Pub was a community masterpiece, it had a TV, coffee table and god knows what else and while superficial to some, it represented the beginnings of how personal the web needs to become. It needs to feel like a mirror to real life, so the concept was simple, I provide everything except the alcohol.

It was conceptual in places, experimental in others but a lot of social media was like this and I’m still learning today. However, the biggest lesson I have learned, is that in today’s world it is much better to be first than last.