What is a content audit?

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A content audit is a review of all company communications in order to realise any scope for improvement. It can range in scale from analysing a website to looking at the entire customer journey of an organisation. There are many different aspects to consider when analysing an entire company and it is recommended that you consider each area of activity separately, so you remain focused and then bring it altogether at the end.

Tools which can be used range from Ad Dynamics, to look at non-digital advertising to SEO tools like Semrush and Moz. More often than not, companies will not share their data with you meaning you will have to make the most of what is currently available to the public. A comparison with the competition will also add depth to your analysis and show where the company sits in the market.

Typically with content, the inevitable problems are generally linked to communications not being in sync and instead are locked in silos, across an organisation. Resolving this is not your mandate but, it can provide a useful backdrop when trying to understand the full picture. For example, lead generation is not always as effective as it could be, due to mis-communication between teams and departments. Sometimes the objectives of the head office may contrast from those of regional offices, this can also lead to a failure through channels.

Interviews with senior members of staff can reveal these differences as well. Using their responses in contrast with data and a competitive analysis, can further expose how effective management are with their existing strategy. Understanding their backgrounds, aims, beliefs and career achievements will also give you a better understanding of the direction of the company and what to look out for in your analysis. A content audit can also lay the framework for a new strategy or increase the quality of existing communications.

Overall though, it is an essential process which can expose inconsistencies and weaknesses within an organisation and is recommended to correct any of these issues.