The co-operative for Tech We Trust launches today – join the Digital Life Collective

The Digital Life Collective launches officially today. Our co-operative is marking the event with a new website at

If you consider technological products and services to be integral to your life, playing a key role in defining who you are, then it’s critically important that you can trust this tech.

If we can’t trust our tech, we can’t trust ourselves. And if we can’t trust ourselves, we can’t trust each other. Just look around you now and ask yourself if this state of affairs has any impact on the state of your society today.

What role do other people’s algorithms play in determining what you see and don’t see, who you meet and don’t meet, what you think and don’t think? Can you trust your tech in terms of privacy and digital inclusion? Has there been a major breach of personal data recently?

We cannot wait for the invisible hand of the market to help solve this. If anything, it seems to guide many companies in the opposite direction for now. We cannot wait for governments to solve this either. In short, we need to co-operate. And that’s why we exist, why we are incorporated as a co-operative, and why we need you to join us. / @tech_we_trust