Digital Marketing Tips: How to setup Google My Business 2019

Adrian Soon . TECH
Apr 6, 2019 · 4 min read

Today when you start a business and Google is not aware, you are really beating your chest hoping someone to notice you! In this Era, no matter what kind of business| industry you are in. Google My Business is all essential for your business unless you don’t want anyone to know!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (AKA GMB) is free! It is a free business listing tools to allow Google to track your business and allowing your business to appear in Google Maps and Search.

The tool allows you to add your business name, location and working hours, monitoring reviews, creating questionnaire to help users understand about your business and adding photos of your company.

Google My Business (GMB) definitely is a quick way to start getting your Local SEO in place. Placing your effort on such areas will definitely helps your business for those prospect who wants to look for products| services near them.

Let learn how to create your own Google My Business account, verify your business now!

Create your own Google My Business Account

  1. Log into the Google Account of your choice with your business.

2. Go to and select “Start now” button.

Once in, enter your business name (Remember HAVE TO BE ORIGINAL)

Enter your business name

Do you have a store front or an office?

An Office Location?

Next Enter your business address (This can be edited before it’s been verified.)

Enter your business address
Do you server your customer outside of your location?

Enter your business category. please be as accurate as possible. (Don’t worry you can edit and add more later)

Add in your business category

Add in your contacts details so that your potential customers can find you.

your contacts details and your website

Always remember to add this, to stay in communication on tips and recommendation to improve your Business presence on Google.

Stay Connected with GMB

Once Done, all we need is to verify your business.

Verify your business

The verification can be done by Postcard which will send to your address stated.

Choose the right name

Once done — click on the “mail” button and wait for the postal to come to 10 days.

10 days we will

At Digital Marketing Buzz (AKA DMB), we aim to deliver the best digital marketing strategy that works for your industry!

Our secret to success is base on our passion on the internet marketing and our interest in making our customers business successful with every digital marketing proposal we given to them, bringing measurable returns and success to their business.

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Adrian Soon . TECH

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Digital Marketing Buzz

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