What can Digital Marketing Agency do during COVID-19?

Digital Marketing Buzz (AKA DMB) is a Singapore local professional SEO agency in Singapore! We set off to help SMEs And MNCs to optimize their website on Google through SEO we bring them with more traffic, as we are aware that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to any type of business who wants their business to come from internet. If your business is not on SEO or SEM, you are giving your competitor to undercut your through the internet.

Offered Free AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to Clients to help fight COVID-19 together

One of our initial posting

We came up with the #LetfightCovid19together campaign which will last 90days in the EARLY FEB that helps to create TRUTH and ACTUAL content to the major public, to prevent False and Fake News being spread around espcially the numbers in the people who are affected and infected.

This also helps the public by educating them what are the various things they can do to prevent or stop the transmission.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.‘” Acts 20:35

Support various projects that help fight with COVID-19

In Early April we met up with SUPERHOTPASS FOUNDER Alfred Chong, and supported his idea of the Covid-19 Alert App Kickstarter Campaign to help create awareness and raise fund for their project.

This project will help subscribers to be notified when a suspect of Covid-19 is within the surrounding.

Checkout: http://kck.st/2RCMLal

The reason why we are supporting because we want to help the society to fight the virus and also give the project a prove that it is a real project as there are alot of scams appearing in the mist of the COVID-19.

In the MIST of Economic downturn, due to COVID-19, offering your best to help


Digital Marketing Buzz understand our client situation during the COVID-19, such as lesser customers and some of the Saloon are not even allowed to run their business at all.

To ease their burden, we offered to help by providing free Support Hours to help our client to get their digital marketing campain to be roll out so that they can change their campaign model, and start selling things online!

Such as coming up with new menu cater for home food delivery, providing videos for self installation as the product are now available to buy and deliver online with installation guide.

‘ God loves a cheerful giver.’ 2 Corinthians 9:7



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