Dont Have Goals, Be it New Year or New Month.

Not everyone can follow goals. For those who cant this is what I can say

Someone comes to me and asks what is your goal, I say to them seriously I don’t have a goal. It just flows. Am I successful, sure I am and contend with what I have and my friends, family and colleague tell me that I am successful. More than just success its the feeling you get within you. Some call it a passion, but even passion we don’t know in the beginning once we start to love doing something that’s what they meant.

There is something within me that tells me to do this not to do this. Am I confused? probably, is it luck ? may be. But how can I follow my goals if I dont have one. Every moment is a goal. When I think and feel that this is something will make me feel good and others feel good, I just do it. Can we please every one every time … No. Gary introduced me to medium just checking it.

Talk to you all soon

Suresh ☺

Web Marketing Academy Bangalore, India