Bloggers, let’s support each other. Let’s engage more. Spread the love.

I love blogging. My blog is a hobby, a passion, and my start-up business. I know the bloggers on BlogLovin’ feel the same way about their own blogs.

I work hard on my content. I know you do too. I work hard. I skip sleep. I put everything into it. I know you do too.

So it means the world when someone appreciates my work. Just a like, or a comment, or a share makes my day. It feels so good to know someone’s paying attention to your hard work…someone appreciates it. So why am I writing this post? Because I’m on a mission.

I am making it a priority to show you that I appreciate your hard work too. I want you guys and girls to know I appreciate your talent. It inspires me. My priority in 2017 is to engage more. Instead of obsessing over who engages with me, I’m going to focus on making sure I show you others that I appreciate their work.

I think having a blogging community is priceless..and up until now, I haven’t had much of one. But maybe that’s my own fault. How many times have I tried to reach out to other bloggers? Not as often as I should have. So why would I expect them to the same?

I’m making a commitment to start sharing the blogging love. Who’s with me?

If you’re reading this please comment, email me, Facebook me, send me a Tweet, contact me somehow and tell me your blog address. I want to meet you guys and spread the love!

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