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Alternatives to Substack for your subscription newsletter

Casey Botticello
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12 min readJul 23, 2020


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Substack is an amazing platform for publishing a subscription based newsletter.

However, there are a number of platforms that offer a similar service. Some have distinct advantages over the platform, depending on what your publishing goals are. Some simply serve as a comparable service. Below are 10 of the top Substack alternatives.

1. Buttondown

Buttondown bills itself as the “easiest way to run your newsletter.”

The minimalist interface makes it easy for you to write great emails; the automation acts like the editorial assistant you wish you had, by checking for typos, broken links, or malformed images; the portable subscription widget makes it really easy to grow your audience from wherever.

And then Buttondown gets out of your way. Buttondown’s emphasis is on speed and ease of use over complex feature-sets or powerful automation.


Buttondown offers two plans: Simple and Professional.

Simple Plan

  • Buttondown is free for your first thousand subscribers.
  • It costs $5 / thousand subscribers / month after that.
  • Simple, reasonable pricing for folks who just wanna send newsletters.

Professional Plan

  • Fancier features like custom domain support, whitelabel branding, and subscriber information.
  • This is the plan for folks who want to…



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