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People Keep Asking Me, What The Heck Is Clubhouse?

It’s true. I’ve been asked this multiple times a day for a few weeks now, and as the host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast, I never shy away from exploring a new platform.

What I found was something not new, but still exciting…

What the Heck is Clubhouse?

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Some Recent Favorites

The Stupid Are Everywhere… and they are dangerous.

That time I wrote about Facebook becoming the free-speech police and it came true, but there’s a lot of gold in this article still about Facebook Pulling The Rug Out From Under Your Business.




It’s time to stand out from the all the garbage clogging up the Interwebs.

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Matt Rouse

Matt Rouse

Host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast. Author of Start Saying Yes. Marketing strategy nerd. I write a lot and sometimes I help run my Marketing Agency.

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