What the Heck is Clubhouse?

Lately, people have been asking me the same question over and over.

What the heck is Clubhouse?

TLDR; If you’re already on Clubhouse, let’s connect @mattrouse

If you’re looking for it in the App Store, this is what it looks like. There are a few apps called Clubhouse so make sure you get the right one.

If you’re looking in the Google Play Store, you won’t find it because it’s currently only out for iOS devices, like iPhones. If you have an iPad, you can use it on there also or snag your kid’s iPad Mini and…




It’s time to stand out from the all the garbage clogging up the Interwebs.

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Matt Rouse

Matt Rouse

Host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast. Author of Start Saying Yes. Marketing strategy nerd. I write a lot and sometimes I help run my Marketing Agency.

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