Digital Sweden

5 Ecosystem Opportunities

Our recent report on digitizing Sweden is out now. One key takeaway:

If Sweden is able to fulfill its potential for digitization by leveraging 6 important technological trends, it could generate SEK 850–1 400 billion per year from 2025. Strong ecosystems must be established to foster the interaction and collaboration required to create this value.

Explore our collection of findings from the report in an interactive infographic.

We’ve pulled a collection of relevant findings for your attention below.

One third of the economic potential of digitizing Sweden is creating direct consumer value, while two thirds are split across sectors in the Business-to-Business (B2B) domain.

Manufacturing and health care are examples of ecosystems where a large share of the value can be created in Sweden.


Additionally, to meet the increased demand for engineers, the number of newly graduated engineers in Sweden must increase by ~45% per year, in addition, a large number of specialists will also be required.

A large part of this value is created in collaboration between different actors, for example, 40 percent of the value is created within the Internet of Things by communicating different systems and technology platforms.

Read the English summary of the report on our site. Read the full report by downloading this PDF.