September: Digital McKinsey LIVE

Everywhere you can see or hear Digital McKinsey partners and team members live in September. This post will be updated as new events hit our calendar.

6 September 2017: World 50 Dinner, Atlanta, GA, USA

Topic: AI

Speaker: Roland John, Senior Partner

13 September 2017: Innovating 50s Fall Summit, New York, NY, USA

Topic: AI

Speaker: Marc Singer, Senior Partner, and Marla Capozzi, Dean of McKinsey of Academy

14 September 2017: Luxatia International Design Thinking Summit, Berlin, Germany

Topic: AI in Design Thinking

Speaker: Niharika Hariharan Joshi, Design Director, Digital Labs

15 September 2017: Agile Day 2017, New York, NY USA

Topic: AI

Speaker: Hugo Sarrazin, Global Leader, Digital Labs

18–21 September 2017: SaaStock and SaasSociety, Dublin, Ireland

Topic: What drives valuations?

Speakers: Fast Growth Tech Partners Peter Weed, Junaid Mohuiddin and VP Dr. Holger Klärner

19 September 2017: EdNet, Scottsdale, Arizona

Topic: How to build a high-performance salesforce

Speaker: Judy Wade, Senior Advisor and Venture Leader for Fast Growth Tech

22 September 2017: Front End Connect, Warsaw, Poland

Topic: Graphql vs REST

Speaker: Chris Noring, Fullstack Developer

22–23 September 2017: Surf Force, Bundoran, Ireland

Topic: Salesforce for Enterprise

Speaker: Matthew Morris, Digital Expert

28 September 2017: Denver Startup Week

Topic: Introducing the McKinsey You Don’t Know: Fast Growth Tech

Speakers: Junaid Mohiuddin, Frankki Bevins, Lindsey Padrino

29 September 2017: ADC Design Experience, Stuttgart, Germany

Topic: Design in corporation and its relevance for the industries and economy

Speaker: Kwame Nyanning, VP Experience Design

29 September 2017: CXOTalk Podcast

Topic: Digital Transformation in Marketing

Speaker: Robert Tas, Associate Partner McKinsey

30 September 2017: India Dreaming: India Salesforce Community Conference, Utter Pradesh, India

Topic: Client technology architecture

Speaker: Matthew Morris, Digital Expert

We will edit this post if more speaking engagements are added for September. Come back in a few weeks to see where we’ll be in October!