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Six McKinsey leaders are on the slate for potential speaking slots at SXSW 2019. Want to help get their ideas onto the agenda for Austin? Check out the proposals below, then click through to up-vote your favorites before the first round of voting ends on August 30:

The Business Value of Design: A New Global Study| Ben Sheppard

We all know examples of bad design. While leaders naturally want their company’s products and services to be on the “good design” list, consistently delivering this goal is increasingly difficult. Furthermore, without definitive metrics linking design to business outcomes, the craft has yet to truly reach the level of C-suite importance… Until now. In 2018, McKinsey & Company correlated the financial data and design actions of 300 companies over 5 years. The results of the survey and underlying framework suggest that design is far more powerful than just eye candy on physical and digital products. With over 30,000 design data points and over 3 million financial performance metrics, we believe this to be the most rigorous analysis to date and look forward to sharing the results at SXSW 2019

Design & Build Disruptive Products for the Future | Dan Chuparkoff

This is a talk about making software great. Today, every company is a software company. But that’s not enough to succeed in the future. Only a tiny handful of teams are making truly disruptive software products with the power to transform the world. Regardless of your industry, the future of your business depends on your team’s ability to create innovative software products at scale. This talk explains product management, software design, data science, & software delivery so that you have the foundation that you need in order to thrive in tech. Then, I’ll show you how the industry is evolving around us so that starting today, you can elevate your team. The next decade is going to be the decade of billion-user products. Someone has to build them. It might as well be you!

Women in the Workplace | Lareina Yee

What can be learned about making the workplace more diverse and inclusive from data shared by 400+ corporations that span all industries and sizes and employ 19M+ people? Now add to that insights from 1/4M direct employee responses to questions about workplace environment, microaggressions, sexual harassment, manager actions, sponsorship and D&I programs effectiveness. 
Women In The Workplace is the largest of its kind annual diversity research project by McKinsey and LeanIn.Org. For the last 4 years, we have been looking into both the obstacles women and women of color face in the workplace as well as the evolving solutions from companies leading in diversity and inclusion. 
This session will dive into the most counter-intuitive insights from our research as well as proven solutions.

PMS: Pale, Male and Stale in an Old Guard Industry | Panel discussion with Lareina Yee

Does your company suffer from PMS: pale, male and stale? “Diversity” and “Inclusion” are popular buzzwords, but talking about an issue isn’t the same as solving it. When it comes to the problematic lack of diversity plaguing workforces, few industries are more entrenched than insurance. This panel doesn’t just pay lip service to D&I, but offers a practical case study of how one company in such an entrenched industry — NFP — is innovating to address these challenges head-on. Chief HR Officer Kim Davis provides context while moderating a panel of experts from McKinsey & Company, GenHERation and Year Up, each currently partnering with NFP to build a more diverse workforce, foster a more inclusive culture, and invest in leadership among workers from communities outside the “old guard.”

A Veteran’s Guide to Navigating Tech and Finance | Panel discussion with Elizabeth Young McNally

Getting accepted into the world of technology or finance is a great accomplishment for many military veterans; however, being granted access and being successful are two very different things. There has been a large amount of focus on bringing our veterans into the workforce, but very little attention on ensuring that they understand how to navigate the organization and successfully progress once they have a seat. This panel will provide insights that veterans and employers can use as building blocks for growth and success by addressing topics like:
- Personal and organizational hurdles most veterans have to overcome once entering tech or finance
- Leveraging your military background to bring value to the team and company
- Changing the stereotypical veteran narrative

Keeping Audiences Engaged? It’s a Work of Arts | Panel discussion with Marissa Solomon

Consumers have never been more informed or selective. As we grow future audiences for the world’s leading performing arts organization (with 6.5M annual visitors), it’s a priority to ensure Lincoln Center remains relevant — and relay this value to young, highly curatorial audiences.
As a nonprofit, our strategy must be lean — yet uphold our position as a major economic engine for NYC (contributing $2.4B annually). We rely on support from ticket-buyers/donors — while interactions with and expectations of entertainment are fast-changing.
Two pilot studies — on audience segmentation and performance metrics — chart a promising path for organizations to significantly connect with young audiences: by diversifying programming, improving access, and customizing outreach to targeted demographics.

Reimagining Learning for a Rapidly Changing World| Panel discussion with Mona Mourshed

According to the World Economic Forum, four years from now, 35% of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. Recent McKinsey study predicts that up to 800M people will be made jobless by 2030. With 35% of the U.S. workforce freelancing, 1 in 4 adults reporting a mismatch between the skills they have and the skills they need for their current job, and underemployment among recent college graduates at 44% — it’s clear that we need to rethink learning for all.