The 3 Proven ROI Gains From User Experience

User experience (UX) is an elemental part of today’s business world. Being conscious about the value we gain with investing in user experience is vital.

User experience (UX) nowadays isn’t a mystical area. It has a long history of being measurable and proved its ability on bringing return on investment (ROI). It is true that there are cases when measuring the exact ROI of UX is tricky, but it’s far from impossible.

Countless studies proved that there are many ROI of UX statistics, that bear value to anyone needing to justify the business case for UX. Let’s just remember of Dr. Susan Weinschenk’s amazing video on the connection between user centered design and ROI. Or the seminar Experience Dynamics gave on the ROI of User Centered Design.

Here at Digital Natives we also believe that great user experience results in detectable ROI. In this infographic, we highlight what investing in UX can bring to you:

  • More satisfied users thanks to better user experience leading to improved loyalty
  • Saving money via reduced wasted development time and decreased customer support costs
  • Higher revenue thanks to increased conversion rates, improved retention.

So let’s see what are exactly the main ROI gains that can come from user experience. (Click to tweet)


I hope you found the infographic useful. I’d also love to hear your insights on the topic, so leave a comment below.