Musicians, are you ready for NOMAD guitar?

Inspired by people, music and traveling?

Always dreamed about multifunctional digital instrument to take it everywhere around the globe? 🛣

How about this? 😍 😍

Say “Hello” 👋 to NOMAD — a digital musical instrument born from the desire to create music on the go.

Designed by Orit Dolev

an award winning designer 🤓, focused on the cross-section of physical and digital experiences.

Orit is an avid world traveler, every once in a while she packs her backpack and goes on a journey. She is constantly questioning how we can improve our global culture through design.

Oh yeah, I know the pain of traveling with a guitar 😒. On one of my trips I decided to bring a guitar and …finally learn how to play it” 😜

she says,

“I thought this would be a great way to meet new people, and bridge gaps of culture and language through the music. But the experience of traveling with this musical instrument turned out to be frustrating. The shape of the resonance box prevented me from putting it in my backpack and the strings would constantly break and get out of tune.”

Some extra facts about ORIT:

  • She has been playing the piano and trumpet for years, today she also plays the guitar :)
  • She was a nomad for several periods over the last couple of years, currently she is based in Tel Aviv, but who knows, she might be planning her next journey right at this moment.
  • As for a mantra — she always says how life is full of surprises and if you just go out you’ll discover some wonderful people and places


The wooden neck creates a familiar feel while the minimalistic form enables musicians to take their musical instrument anywhere they go. The pressure sensitive frets and flexible strings preserve a traditional playing experience, however, never break or get out of tune.

The minimalistic form and flexible strings, which never break or get out of tune, make it portable and durable. Designed to encourage mobility and adventure NOMAD can be thrown in a backpack to bring your musical creation to life, anytime, anywhere.

Create music wherever life takes you

NOMAD was designed to age with grace and just like traditional musical instruments, over time, become unique and personalized by you.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Does this stuff look great? Wait for updates from NOMAD and get your digital guitar! I can’t wait to put it into my backpack and go around the world!!!

Thank you so much for taking some time to read this story!

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