San Francisco ‘castle’ residents have become bitcoin millionaires

The Crypto Castle is a three-story home in San Francisco where young tech workers eat, sleep, party, and plot the future of money.

“Over a half-dozen people in the time they’ve lived in my house have become millionaires as a result of crypto,” said Jeremy Gardner, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and investor.


In 2015, Gardner, the then-director of operations at Augur, a market forecasting tool that runs on the blockchain, put down a $20,000 deposit to rent the house. It’s become a landing pad for people working in cryptocurrency-related tech.

Here’s what it’s like to live in the Crypto Castle among newly minted millionaires.

“I don’t think you can be in this house for two hours without being evangelized,” Gardner said. His net worth has exploded since buying bitcoin at $200 a token in 2013.

For full-time residents there is a rule : to read the current issue of “Distributed,” a cryptocurrency trade magazine. A stack sits at the front door.

The fridge wears cryptocurrency-related startup stickers like badges of honor.

In the Crypto Castle, no one needs to travel far to find smart, like-minded people.

Over the last few years, Gardner has turned the majority of his savings and stock in public companies into cryptocurrency investments. His gains subsidize his cost of living.

Just tell me Are you same as me excited about this crypto dreamland?

Want to experience the height of communal environment in the bleeding edge world of Crypto, come to the Castle.

BTW, here is the interview with Jeremy!

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