TOP Events For Digital Nomads in SEPTEMBER 2017

For Digital Nomads By Digital Nomads

If you’re a digital nomad and looking to connect then your options are as wide as the universe.

Here are the digital nomad events that DNM recommends in September 2017.

You bring your laptop, we’ll take care of the rest!

Flaks is organised for sporty entrepreneurs that have an “It’s not a business, but a way of life”-mindset. Together we’ll go kiting, surfing, moutainbiking, etc.Together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you’ll expand your network and get inspired.

A get-away in an inspiring place with inspiring like-minded people. Expand your network, get inspired and boost your business while having fun.

PRO TIP: You want to show off on Instagram and Facebook with your beach office? Well there’s some good spots to take pictures and actually work from as well. All of those spots are a bit outside of town and you’ll need a car to get there.

Waves — Amazing beach bar with Wi-Fi. 5 km outside of town.

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PRICE: Start from 597euros

14–21 Sept. | Tenerife

‘Connecting creativity, propelling productivity!’

Since early 2016 Remote Workers community are mapping and reviewing coffeeshops and small business, trying to find those #RemoteFriendly ones.

The programme includes 5 activities to choose from — Surfing course and rental, Hiking Masca and Kayak / SUP excursion, Yoga or Karting tournament.

Join a day trip to the buzzing capital of Santa Cruz, or join us on a ferry to Las Palmas for the Nomad City conference.

Work remotely on your business, put new ideas into practice or just chill at the Wolfhouse or relax at the beach. Network and have fun with 18 other entrepreneurs in an inspiring environment. Build new friendships or business relationships.

PRICE: Starting at only 450€. More info & FB event

The cruise is just the beginning…

Nomad Cruise is a two week conference on a cruise ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

With 40+ talks and workshops and 250 nomads on board, this is probably your best chance to broaden your horizon, share knowledge and good times, meet new potential business partners and make new friends that you can rely on.

Once you arrive on the other side of the Atlantic you can team up in smaller groups and work and travel together. So it becomes a bit of an endless workation ;-)

We support each other. We realize great ideas. We travel to awesome places.

PRICE: starts at 700 euros

DNX is a global conference with the mission to help people finding their passion and working more independently. The first DNX in Berlin was a real blast with inspiring talks and actionable take-aways and I’m sure, that with top speakers like Pat Flynn, this year’s edition in beautiful Lisbon will do the trick again.

“We want to support all the digital nomads worldwide and connect them with each other. We not only help people live free, self-determined lives from anywhere around the globe, but we also try to help them improve all other areas of their lives.” — DNX

Join 500 location independent entrepreneurs & freelancers and experience in person why Lisbon is getting more and more popular within the digital nomad community. Enjoy 3 days in Koh Lanta & 3 days in Railay beach with bunch of nomads from all around the world. Get ready for the gorgeous islands, improving your business, personal growing, new people.

13–25 Sept. | from Moscow to Ulaanbataar

Take an amazing Trans — Siberian trip you always dreamed about with group of digital nomads from all around the world. Discover different cities and nature of Russia together. he train that connects Europe with Asia. It’s the 100th anniversary of the trans siberian railroad. An unparalleled train trip with endless breathtaking landscapes.


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Experiencing awwh is more wonderful when shared. Take on this trip with other nomads. We’re also going to meet local creative communities in each of the stops.

Take The Journey of a LIFETIME!


17 Sept. — 9th Dec. | Cape Town

Surrounded by idyllic beaches, stunning mountains and picturesque vineyards, Cape Town is the perfect place to both relax and get your adrenaline rush.

Pack your sunscreen. Cape Town has 72 beaches (including 9 international Blue Flag beaches) and 307 km of coastline with some of the most beautiful blue water you’ll ever see.

Keep your hands inside the cage!

EXTRA: second fall trip to Southeast Asia! You can find more details here.

As you can see there are more and more amazing Nomad Events popping up around the world. It has never been easier to meet so many other nomads, learn from each other and get started with this lifestyle. What are you waiting for ;-)?

In conclusion, BOOST your skills, finish all deadlines, have a great month! Love and productivity to all!

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