Digital Nomad Backpack
What I take with me working on the road

Marcus Meurer
Feb 13, 2015 · 3 min read

I am on the caribbean island Curacao at the moment.
The sun is shining every day, the local people are super friendly and always smiling. The beaches are these you know from postcards and the internet is fast and stable. Optimal settings for a digital nomad, but not a really cheap destination. However it is possible to arrange good long-term options.

Being on the road as digital nomad for several months means to carry your business in a backpack. People keep asking which devices I have with me when traveling the world.

I would like to show you my digital nomad inventory, February 2015.

  1. Mobile WiFi (MiFi) E5372 LTE from Huawei > Don’t forget to carry SIM Adapters with you as it needs an bigger SIM Card.
  2. USB Power adapter for different USB chargers like iPhone Lightning cable, LED Lenser cable, GoPro cable, Micro USB cable > love it in black rather than standard Apple white
  3. GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Outdoor > The action cam is a real killer. Will get the GoPro Hero 4 soon
  4. USB Sticks 128 GB
  5. Headphone splitter > “Y Adapter” to listen to podcasts and videos together with my girlfriend
  6. Nano + micro SIM adapter & iPhone SIM eject tool in a SD card box > super useful when constantly switching local SIMs in different countries
  7. Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapter > life insurance as digital nomad
  8. SKROSS travel adapter > Works in over 150 countries
  9. Lightning USB Cable for iPhone > black cable is beautiful
  10. MiPow SP2600M-BK Power Tube 2600 > Mobile charger for iPhone and GoPro
  11. iPhone 6 in space grey > Universal weapon for running your business from everywhere
  12. MacBook Air 13 inch > Best and most beautiful notebook I ever possessed. Waiting for the new 12 inch Retina Air
  13. Light XiRRiX cover for MacBook Air 13 inch > Front pocket for external HDD, GoPro, USB sticks, cables
  14. LED LENSER M7R 007808 > different flash light modes for different situations
  15. Tolino vision > eBook reader with open system that allows you to also sync with ePUB, PDF and TXT files
  16. External HDD 1 TB > Local backups on the road additionally to my backups in the cloud
  17. Creative EP-630 In-Ear headphones > Using them since years now

I am using the mobile TravelSafe 12 l to protect my belongings.
Tipp: Get a combination lock fro your PacSafe so you do not have to care for your key.

My technical gear is constantly changing as I am tech addicted and an early adaptor. Technical development means in most cases better performance. I try to use the newest stuff to be as productive as possible.

I am currently on the road since October 2014 to escape the cold European winter. In spring I will come back to my homebase Berlin. I roamed from the small beach village Jericoacoara, Brazil to the Amazonas rain forest and moved further on to the digital nomad hotspot Medellin in Colombia. Then I had the strong yearning for beach and sea again. So I moved to the small fisher village Taganga on the north west coast of Colombia. 2 weeks ago I settled down on Curacao where the people are always smiling.

Are you a digital nomad? Show me your gear! Would you like to add something? Do you have a better or more functional gadget? Please let me know via comment, personal mail or face time on the DNX GLOBAL ★Digital Nomad Conference.

❤ THX for reading and sharing ❤
I am Digital Nomad by heart and founder of DNX — Digital Nomad Hub.
Follow me on Facebook (, Twitter (@marcusmeurer95), Instagram (@marcusmeurer95) and Medium (@marcusmeurer)

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