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Marcus Meurer
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5 min readSep 8, 2015


shape the future of work

“We are not here to take part, we are here to take over!”

The movement of location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees is speeding up all over the world. This means there will be more and more people going on the road and work from anywhere.

The first movers on the road have a big responsibility of shaping the future of this lifestyle and making it a sustainable part in the future of work.

Freelancing is becoming the reality

One-hundred percent remote companies like Buffer, Automattic and toptal understand that remote work is a big opportunity and game changer. Companies that adapt quickly to the new way of working have a big asset in the war for talents on the job market. Remote companies set the new standards for employees, old companies have to adapt or will be overtaken by fully distributed companies.

Freelancing is the new reality for millions of people. The Intuit study predicts that by 2020 nearly half of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers.
The Freelancers Union announced last year that one third of all working Americans are already self-employed freelancers.

Countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands and the U.K. are catching up. Fifteen percent of the people working in these countries earn their money as freelancers, most of them online.

More coliving and coworking projects

Last year I lived for 2 weeks with other like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers in the Surf Office on Canary Islands.

After checking out similar concepts like SunDesk in Taghazout, Marokko and bedndesk on Mallorca, Spain I am back in the Surf Office now. Surf Office just opened a new space in Lisbon, Portugal where you have fast and reliable Internet, like-minded people and lots of drive and passion. These people are shaping the future of work.

I am the founder of DNX, a hub that connects Digital Nomads all over the world. Last week we started the DNX CAMP in Lisbon with 20 like-minded people from all over the world. We are living and working together, hanging-out and enjoying lots of activities. Each DNX CAMP participants has their own online projects that they are working on while attending the CAMP. We are organizing inspiring and hands-on talks about Digital Nomad topics and challenges. We are setting-up Mastermind sessions and helping out one another in business challenges. Many more DNX CAMPS in Brazil, Thailand, Bali Indonesia, Greek and Mexico will follow after the one in Lisbon.
The participants shape the future of work.

Everything is possible in this futuristic work world, even a floating coworking space on a sailing boat called CoBoat or a Digital Nomad island.

We are looking for investors for our new ambitious project DNX ISLAND.

Solving the loneliness problem of Digital Nomads

Last month DNX GLOBAL gathered 450 people from 34 different countries all over the world for the first Digital Nomad Conference.

The DNX GLOBAL was a huge blast and the kick-off for something big and important. As many location independent workers feel lonely on the road they could connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

The participants were startup founders from the Silicon Valley, leading their team remotely, as well as roaming online entrepreneurs, freelancers and location independent employees. After the event, the engagement did not stop and continues even now in the DNX online community.

More promising Digital Nomad projects aiming to connect like-minded people are FlyingYak and the Digital Nomad Forum.

One of the most important success factors for Digital Nomads is to connect and hang-out with those who share this way of life.

Some impressions from the DNX Main Event on Saturday with talks and an awesome party in the evening and the DNX Kick-Off on Friday with workshops and networking events.

Politicians and investors are aware of Digital Nomads

As the movement is becoming bigger, even politicians recognize the Digital Nomads as an important economical driver for their countries.

Projects like the Estonian e-Residency and easier visa requirements in many South East Asian countries prove that we have caught the eye of politicians. Digital Nomads are super creative and focused people. Digital Nomads get in touch with many different cultures and people and know how to deal with different challenges all over the world.

The German ministry of economy asked me for a public discussion about the future of work and the German capital of Berlin officially added the DNX ★ Digital Nomad Conference to the BerlinWebWeek.

The real estate industry has a new darling: There will be ten thousands of new coworking and coliving spaces popping up in the next years. Investors bet on the future of work and start to invest huge amounts of money.

WeWork provides shared workspace, community and services for location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups. WeWork closed a $355 million round of funding in December last year, which put the value at a reported $5 billion.

Marcus working in Tarifa, Spain

We are here to take over

Number of Digital Nomads worldwide will explode!

I am sure this is just the beginning of the future of work. Digital Nomads all over the world are ready to take over and shape this super exciting moment in history.

What do you think? Are you in?



Marcus Meurer
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