How I built a startup while traveling to 20 countries

Jay Meistrich
Jan 24, 2015 · 8 min read
I spent Winter in Australia’s Summer, Spring in Japan, Summer in Europe, and Autumn in Southeast Asia.

Traveling is not the same as vacation

I became a nomad by accident

I spent 6 months traveling around Australia, Asia, and Europe

Traveling is cheaper than staying at home

These are actual numbers calculated from my personal spending habits. Your mileage may vary.
San Francisco’s median rent is much more than this at $3,120, but Seattle’s median is less at $1,800

Traveling makes me more productive

My productivity in Seattle in June vs traveling in September, measured with RescueTime

9–5 is not optimal

Gray: Unproductive time, Red: Productive time, Green: Fun time

Traveling expands my cultural bubble

Map of all my Facebook friends created by


I went to Tokyo Disney, Euro Disney, and Hong Kong Disney this year with old friends from high school and college.

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Thanks to Grant Watters and Marina Berezovska.

Jay Meistrich

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Co-founder of Nomad. Photographer. Skier. Lover of Minions.

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