How one startup is trying to revolutionize housing for remote workers

The remote work scene is comprised of makers, and they’ve always been actively trying to solve their own problems by building products. From receiving text messages wherever you are, finding a group to travel together with to picking the right destination. Nomad House is the latest in those. And it’s trying to solve housing for remote workers. Finally there’s a place that you can live and work when arriving in a new city, while hanging out with like-minded people. Arthur Itey tells us about embracing the rise of remote working and how Nomad House will be tailored to the needs of future nomads.

Can you tell us about Nomad House and how it started?
Thanks for having me! Everything began with the nomad community on #nomads with @arin. We had the idea to create houses where digital nomads can build things together and learn from each other while traveling in different cities. So I started to build this but lacked motivation after a couple of weeks. After meeting Pieter Levels in Bangkok, he convinced me to get involved in this project as much as I could. I built the whole website in less than 3 weeks and each day I felt more confident about this new platform. There has also been demand from the nomad community.

How long have you been a digital nomad? How have your experiences influenced your decision to build Nomad House?
It’s been two years since I left France. Montreal was my first destination and I loved it, but the cold weather encouraged me to try a new city.

I just discovered Thailand and I’m really comfortable building Nomad House from Bangkok. It’s a cosmopolitan city where locals and international people mix, and that blend is really awesome. Thailand itself it beautiful and you can have different experiences throughout the whole country. From holidaying on a paradise island in the south, to enjoying the mellow Chiang Mai in the north. And of course, right now, it’s a hotspot for nomads.

I have tried a lot of things in the past few years. My dad and I tried to build a social app on iOS and were fortunate enough to have an influencer to spread the word, but only our friends used it. I also built a location-based picture-sharing app, ICU.

I’m now building Nomad House in order to fulfill a need from the nomad community and have decided to let the social apps take a backseat.

What makes Nomad House different from traditional hotel and AirBnb stays?
AirBnb is the perfect platform for people who want to travel for 1–2 weeks in a cool place, but this is expensive, you never know how the Wi-Fi will be, and you will be alone at your location if you don’t know anyone. Nomad House provides a great environment in which you can interact and evolve with like-minded people.

How do you think Nomad House will affect the future and living choices of digital nomads?
Everything will be simpler for nomads. Imagine you want to book your trip to Bangkok, Kayak +Nomad House and it’s done. With the quality and the presence of other digital nomads over there, you will be guaranteed to have a great trip or at least great amenities in order to get things done.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing at the moment and how would you solve them?
I would say the challenge of starting new projects around the world and gaining respect from nomads in order to be considered a competitive solution for housing, next to AirBnb, hostels and other accommodation. I’m super reachable on any network and I’m adding features and bug-fixing every 2 days to show that I support this project 100%.

How’s the response been so far?
The response has been incredible and I’m thankful to everyone who signed up. It’s been featured on Product Hunt and it was #1 on Hacker News. Now I have to work on all the feedback that people gave me.

Our first house is almost fully booked. If we can make the Bali house work, we’d like to expand as fast as possible to Bangkok and South America.

I hope to see you in a Nomad House soon!

Talk to Arthur on Twitter and see for more information!

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