Being curious and then what?— Jean-Marc Denis

Riccardo Giorato
Mar 22, 2017 · 4 min read

Jean: My name is Jean-Marc, I am a design manager for Messenger at Facebook. Before that, I worked for “Sparrow,” a French startup which got acquired by Google in 2012.

I joined the Gmail team where I worked on Inbox by Gmail from the ground up as UX Mobile Lead.

After launching, I felt the need to challenge myself and curiosity by starting fresh again. I had the opportunity to join the Google Daydream Virtual Reality team where I helped to design some of the experiences.

R: Do you do some ritual every day outside of work?

R: What do you do that allows you to work efficiently alone or in your team, do you have any ritual or daily/weekly activity at work(Facebook)?

R: How do you manage to do creative work every day any tips or technique?

R: What thought or tip would you give to yourself in the past?

Helping people to grow and get there themselves is a significant part of my design journey.

R: Any study tip for a high school, university student?

R: What would you focus(work,love,life)on now if you would go back to high school time?

R: What would you suggest reading to young students?

R: How would you suggest someone to start designing now?

R: What the core for your design? Just esthetics or solving a real problem?

R: Do you think that Virtual Reality is going to improve or disrupt learning (self-learning and school) ? If yes how? Any vision?

Jean: I see any immersive reality (AR&VR) as a tool to enhance or enable things that wernt previously possible. Education wise it can be something with huge impact on how we teach, learn and create connections with the rest of the world. As a self-taught designer from a small city in France, I would have dreamed of sitting virtually next to the best designers and see how and why their craft is the best. That is actually the most passive way to use theses medium. How about that person interact with you in an immersive way and help you in every step of the way? What if you want to learn painting and Van Gogh teaches you his techniques, take your hand and help you to replicate the perfect stroke. What if a Van Gogh artificial inteligence help you critique your work so you are not a copy cat but this IA helps you develop your own style? Future is promising, the challenge of our times will be to avoid as much as possible the uncanny valley.

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