Don’t be afraid of following others until you find your own voice — Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri is a Designer & Creative Director based in Redmond, Seattle.

He’s working as Design Director at Microsoft Groove and Movies & TV, former CD at Elephant working for Apple, and Design Director at Fi.

He’s a regular design speaker and a casual writer (here on Medium!! Claudio Guglieri😃).

R: Do you do some ritual every day outside of work?

Claudio: Let’s see, I read the news in the morning, I bike to work, I check my email early in the morning and at the end of the day. For the last 3 years my “out of work” ritual has been to consistently give a bath to my new born son :) That involves playing with a lot of water and making up games for him. It’s a great way to wind down and turn off your “work” brain.

R: What do you do that allows you to work efficiently alone or in your team at Microsoft, do you have any ritual or daily/weekly activity at work?

Claudio: I check my email twice a day, or three times max. That’s once early in the morning, if possible around lunch time and finally at the end of the day. My team is pretty organize and I have the help of a Design PM so there is not much to do there. We do Designs Crits once a week and I check with them on daily basis for quick brainstorms.

R: How do you manage to do creative work every day any tips or technique?

Claudio: This is more of an aspiration than a reality. I try to do creative work everyday but some days are gone just by organizing or reviewing someone else’s work. No tips here other than keep trying and don’t lose sight of what matters.

R: What thought or tip would you give to yourself in the past?

Claudio: Design is equally about creating effective designs as it’s about articulating and presenting them. The sooner you understand that the sooner you’ll get better at it.

R: Any study tip for a high school, university student?

Claudio: Make things, tons of them, don’t be afraid of following others until you find your own voice.

R: What would you focus(work,love,life)on now if you would go back to high school time?

Claudio: Wow, what would be my focus if I could go back to high school? That’s a rare question. I would focus on life, which is what I did. Don’t think about work (in highschool, are you crazy?) just go out and have a good time.

R: What would you suggest reading to young students?

Claudio: Some books I enjoyed in the past…

Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life. Chris Kohler

How to. Michael Beirut
Secret Knowledge by David Hockney.

Universal Principles of Design. William Lidwell

R: How would you suggest someone to start designing now?

Claudio: There are tons of resources online these days. I get back to the same thing, make tons of things. It’s my #1 advice when people ask me this by email. There is not secret sauce other than having a solid portfolio with good work. You don’t need flashy clients to do good work, just practice. If you don’t even have clients it’s even simpler, look around and find something that could be improved in your real life by design, then do it. In terms of the execution and design taste that’s an acquired skill you need to develop over time by seeing other people’s work or diving deeper into design composition, layout or interactive principles.

R: What the core for your design? Just esthetics or solving a real problem?

Claudio: Years ago when I started I thought only about aesthetics but these days I want to believe my focus has shifted towards empowering people to do more.

R: Do you think real Mixed Reality is going to happen in the next 5 year or we are going to get there faster maybe with the help of VR?

Claudio: There is definitely a lot of interest in this area and many products (headsets, etc) coming up on weekly basis nowadays. My bet is yes, in the next five years we are going to see more and more devices and it’s going to become a reality for the videogame industry. Other sectors, specially the passive consumption of media, have it more difficult because of the hassle and lack of a mainstream VR leader… also it’s pretty awkward to wear one at home instead of let’s say, watch a movie with a friend.

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