How to Recover From no real business ideas? — Julian Ohayon

He’s a designer but mainly Founder of Anckor, MoodMovie, Odyseed, Squareboard & Talentis.

R: When you are tired how do you keep yourself focued to keep at doing deep work?

Julian: I try to sleep at least 6–7 hours a day to keep focused on my work. When I’m too tired I drink coffees or I take a break.

R: Do you do some ritual every day?

Julian: I don’t have rituals, I wake up, get ready and go to the office. I usually like to work the entire day in the same place, whether it’s at the office, at home in Brussels or Marbella.

R: How did you manage to find ideas of startup business that are now successful?

Julian: You get ideas by meeting and talking with people in general. All ideas I had came from discussions or by coincidence and all of them evolve over time. You need to challenge an idea a lot but the most important is the execution of that idea.

R: What was your last most useful thing bought on Amazon? What’s your next future item to buy on Amazon?

Julian: I think my last purchase on Amazon was my camera, it’s a Sony a6000. I bought it there because it was sold with a nice package of lenses. I don’t know what my next purchase will be yet and I don’t use Amazon often.

R: Finally a crazy startup idea that you never told anyone because you think it’s impossible to make such as “ending hunger with a small drug”. Julian: Can’t answer to this one actually.

You can check out his Instagram Account here.

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