Never let your ideas disappear — Riccardo Giorato

R: Can you introduce shortly yourself?

Myself: I’m Riccardo the founder of this publication here on Medium( side note: I started it as a personal category in my old wordpress blog ).

I’m currently studying computer science while trying to embrace design on my own.

R: Do you do some ritual every day outside of work/study?

Myself: I have weekly routines with specific day for certain activities but most of my days I try to get up early, get ready and go working or studying as soon as possible then before dinner have a simple workout at home.

R: How do you manage to do creative work every day?

Myself: After dinner I open up Figma ( like Sketch on steroids ) and start working on a design as fast as possible following the daily ui challenge.

R: What thought or tip would you give to yourself in the past?

Myself: Just start doing something and never let your ideas disappear, at least start working on one of them, then the next one and so on.

R: Any study tip for a high school, university student?

Myself: Start using google calendar and Evernote to manage all your future events and note plus never be shy always act and don’t be afraid of everything.

R: Can you tell us a small story from an error that you made you understood something really important for your life?

Myself: You should try to learn how to improve yourself every day, during my high school years I haven’t been so focused on studying and I got really bad result at university during the first year so I decided to start working on my skills, abilities, discipline.

I didn’t stop this path, it will last forever because we transform our-self every day and you should start thinking more about yourself every day, less about other more about your own personality.

R: What is going to look like future? What would you like to create or to see developed? VR stuff?

Myself: Digital nomads plus Virtual and Augmented reality are going to disrupt every part of our life. I’d love to see developed a VR/AR school for kids plus being able to enhance teachers work by having thousands of bot and machine learning tools to help every kid in every place, outside and inside classroom.

R: What is going to look like your daily routine when you’ll retire from work?

Myself: I’m still in university but I think I won’t retire 100% I’d love to mentor or teach to kids, helping them achieve greater things or working for environmental groups as local volunteer.

This is going to be the last interview for this pubblication, it’s time to wrap it up.

I’ll design as fast as possible an ebook with all the interview and I’ll publish for free on Amazon.