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‘Hypd’ — An Ambassador Platform For Fans | Review



Check out a review video on Hypd by Mohd Shoaib, the CEO of Digital Notice


Team and Advisors

  1. Florian Eckelmann — Co-Founder and CEO
  2. Siamak Ghofrani — Co-Founder and President
  3. Farooq Haider — Co-Founder and CTO
  4. Fabian Thylmann — Technology Expert & Strategic Investor
  5. Ahmed Aslam — Senior Software Engineer
  6. Markus Kaschke — Chief Financial Officer
  7. Matthias Kaschke — Head of Legal
  8. Remco van den Born — Head of Sales Benelux
  9. André Saad — Designer
  10. Tara Courtney — Account Manager
  11. Lea Karwinski — Community Manager
  12. Valentin Rahmel — Gaming Advisor
  13. Dennis Weidner — Blockchain Advisor & Founder Paranoid Internet

What Is HYPD Token?

Check out an official video of Hypd on “Fans promoting their favourite Brands”

Hypd Dashboard

Brands And Fans

Aims And Objectives Of The Platform

  1. Enjoy the benefits of ambassador software: You can easily create your own ambassador program, as your fans become your ambassadors, and let them create or share their content online, and send offers to their friends.
  2. Boost organic reach: Your interactions with your ambassadors on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp utilize social reach.
  3. Win new customers: Personal recommendations from ambassadors to their friends result in higher trust and conversions.
  4. Grow brand loyalty: Appreciate your ambassadors with brand-related rewards such as meet & greets or limited editions.
  5. Cut expenses: You can build a highly effective marketing & sales channel owned and controlled by you.

Football Clubs Engage In Ambassador Marketing




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