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What is Hedera Hashgraph? A Guide For The Beginners | Review


About Hedera Hashgraph


The Meanings Behind the Names

What Exactly is HBAR?

HBAR Tokens

The Accessibility of Hedera Hashgraph

  1. CRYPTOCURRENCY: Fast cryptocurrency transactions, low fee payments.
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Why and How is Hedera Hashgraph Important?

Is There Any Relation Between Hashgraph and Blockchain?


  • Hashgraph is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), but not a blockchain.
  • Architected from the ground up to be fast, fair and secure.
  • Hashgraph makes no security trade-offs to achieve speed.
  • Combines a gossip protocol with virtual-voting to effectively and quickly disseminate events and achieve consensus.
  • The minimum amount of data transferred.
  • No Trade-off between Speed, Security, and Centralization.
  • Super low energy consumption DLT.


  • Blockchain is designed to be slow.
  • The proof-of-work puzzle adjusts to keep the system at a specific speed.
  • The time needed to determine which block to add to the chain.
  • If it is not slow, then it does not work.
  • Efforts to speed up blockchain all make security sacrifices.
  • The trade-off between Speed, Security, and Centralization.
  • Very high energy consumption DLT.

News on Hedera

Hedera’s 15-year Distribution Plan

Views and Opinions about Hedera Hashgraph




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