Retrieving volunteer records by SQL with Google Apps Script in Google Spreadsheet

Recently, I am working for an NGO supporting those severe handicapped. This article documents how I retrieve target entries programmatically.

A) Introduction
B) Function QUERY() and SQL
C) Macros and Google Apps Script
C1) Interface…




Reflection of many techniques, tips that increase one’s value in digital era, by Curtis Chan

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🐟Curtis Chan FishSunSun

🐟Curtis Chan FishSunSun

讀心理學,鐘意科技同效率相關題材。A Psychology student is hooked on technologies and productivity. #地鐵迷 #非火車迷 #科幻 #電子化 #硬筆書法#手寫 #metro #digital #handwritten #calligraphy

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