How Jamstack is Good for SEO?

Jamstack and the Future of SEO

Jamstack is SEO friendly out of the box.

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The web is currently going through a paradigm shift of sorts. The shift from web 2.0 is well underway and as it seems Jamstack is gradually but steadily taking the lead.

What is Jamstack?

Simply put, Jamstack is a new and emerging method of web development that utilizes JavaScript, APIs and Markup. Hence, the name Jamstack, but what Jamstack offers is more than just a fancy name.

The larger concept and the techniques involved in Jamstack web development are a refreshing change from the conventional web development approaches. As it turns out, Jamstack offers greater opportunities in implementing out of the box thinking in terms of deploying innovative and scalable solutions very fast.

The core focus of Jamstack is its out of the box SEO friendly approach and its undeniable and so far, unrivaled performance benchmarks. Moreover, its architecture greatly enhances security with minimum costs.

Decoding Jamstack

People who learn about the buzz of Jamstack always ask, what’s so special about Jamstack anyway? But the answer, almost every time is very satisfying.

Now think of a large website, conventionally, this website will be composed of a tightly integrated frontend, backend and a database. But in case of Jamstack, APIs do all the magic & frontend can easily be decoupled from the backend and in many cases you won’t be needing a database at all.

A new concept of headless CMS has emerged with the introduction of Jamstack technology. That has completely decoupled the backend from fronend even in the case of complex content management systems.

The core philosophy of Jamstack lies in the fact that pre-rendered static web pages are the most performant, secure and great for SEO.

Jamstack uses Javascript static site generators like Gatsby & Next.js to create super fast, SEO friendly, static web pages while implementing APIs for dynamic micro services that makes live server side processing kind of irrelevant.

Moreover, using Jamstack platforms like Netlify & Vercel makes web deployment super easy for developers.

Jamstack and SEO

Well, in terms of Search Engine Optimiztion (SEO), web development can’t get better than this. Jamstack provides the perfect SEO friendly qualities for a website of any size.

Static pre-rendered web pages are always indexed without any issue by Google bots. Plus, faster loading times translate into great user experience, ultimately increasing engagements.

Moreover, using a static site generator like Gatsby for web development means all your on page technical SEO is covered out of the box, saving all those precious hours for other digital marketing activities.

Looking Ahead

Although, it is taking some time for developers to take in all the unconventional philosophy of Jamstack. But, more and more developers are considering Jamstack a much better option.

Gradually it is gaining in popularity with many hardcore early adopters singing its praises.

Looking forward, Jamstack seems to be one of the major technologies to dominate the web development in the near future. And the most positive impact it is going to make is in the field of SEO.

Google, leading the search engine market is continuously upgrading its core algorithm with major enhancements on a monthly basis. While, SEOs are always on the run to figure out the best practices in order to make it in the top rankings.

With Jamstack dominating in the near future, SEOs will find it much easier to deal with the most frustrating indexing issues. While hopefully, being in a much better position to provide a good user experience with their Jamstack tuned websites.



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