How do Instagram stories affect the popularity of Instagram profiles ?!

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Feb 10 · 4 min read
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Do you know what Instagram stories are? Why has this new Instagram feature gained such popularity in such a short time? Why is it important to invest some of your time and effort into creating quality and entertaining Instagram stories?

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks in the world, registering a rapid increase in the number of users. It was recently reported that Instagram has outnumbered 1 billion users worldwide. The data we have available show that there are currently around one million users active in Croatia. All this adds to the importance of the brand’s presence on Instagram, as well as the construction of attractive Instagram stories.

Stories that are disappearing and are gaining popularity

The Instagram story was probably created on the basis of similar functionality on other social networks. Specifically, Instagram saw that users of other networks like the functionality of posts that disappear over time, so they decided to implement the same feature with themselves. This is how Instagram stories were created, which in a very short time captured Instagram and made it even more popular on the social network.

Instagram Stories are actually photo and video content that a user posts on a separate part of the app, and they last 24 hours . After this time period, these stories simply disappear from Instagram and can no longer be seen by other users. Within this time limit, the popularity of this functionality is also likely, as users are forced to regularly check for new stories (so that they do not disappear before they see them).

Why are Instagram stories important?

Instagram stories have been quickly embraced by users and are nowadays a hugely popular feature on this social network. We believe that the majority of users, when opening Instagram, first resort to browsing stories, and only then engage in regular content on the Instagram wall. So, Instagram Stories has become a great channel to convey to the user a message that can be related to anything that only completes the impression around your business or product.

Unlike regular posts on Instagram, inside Instagram stories it is possible (under certain conditions) to link to external websites and various other services. This opens the possibility for you to lead people who view your stories directly to your service or product page, or to a source that will benefit them. Also, Instagram Stories, because of a number of their special features, allow the content creator to fully express their creative side and thus gain the additional affection of new followers.

How to create a good Instagram story?

Instagram stories allow for exceptional expression of creativity. But most often, this creativity is expressed through everyday situations where users find themselves and would like to share it with the world. In particular, Instagram Stories are a great way to present all the informal background of the whole story around a service / product. No one will mind you if a video or photo in an Instagram story is of poor quality, but it will certainly resent you if users notice that you are trying to set up or fake what you want to present.

So, in order to create a good Instagram story, you first need to take a more casual approach to the whole content creation process. It is necessary to ‘relax’, think a little about what it deserves to be on Instagram, and then go into capturing or photographing a particular situation. To further spice up Instagram stories, this social network has a variety of plugins and tools available for you to use.

The most widely used tools are the ability to write text by photos , where you can choose between different fonts, font sizes, and colors. Also, users have a variety of emoticons and gifs that can be added to a video or photo with a simple drag. What’s new in this segment is the form for querying, as well as the functionality of conducting surveys .

Profile popularity depends on Instagram stories

If you want to get quality engagement on Instagram, then Instagram stories are a must-have chapter in the process. Specifically, profiles that do not invest time and creativity in the daily creation of Instagram stories — are simply losing popularity. Users are no longer satisfied with just regular posts on their Instagram wall, but they want to see what’s happening in the background of the whole story — and that’s why Instagram stories were created for this purpose.

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