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5 Multi-channel management systems compared in 3 minutes

There are literally dozens of software systems that enable retailers to publish products on multiple channels. Get your hands on the Tamebay Guide as a proof. Some such systems are Web-based, others are add-ons to popular e-commerce platforms.

Nembol recently released the Web version of our market-defining multi-channel mobile app. Before doing so, we of course ran a little market analysis. We here summarise it for the public, as we thought it may help retailers make up their mind on what system to pick.

We’ve considered: Selro, JoeLister, Shopping Feed, Sellbrite, and of course Nembol. We used information publicly available, hence we invite readers to add in the comments anything they feel appropriate. At the time of our analysis, none of these systems charged a set-up fee nor a fee on sales, and all of them offered an initial trial period.


Entry fee at $99 per month and max published fee at $199 per month for up to 20,000 SKUs or 20,000 orders per month. The higher the number of SKUs you manage and the number of orders you receive, the more the price rises. Selro enables sellers to publish on several marketplaces and several e-commerce engines, and it manages inventory (i.e. avoids double selling). It offers though no support for social marketing, therefore it’s not possible to share products on social media. It is integrated with FBA and with accounting software. These are clear signs of a system designed for advanced users.

Shopping Feed

Starts at $99 and goes up to $1,400 per month. If you have more than 500 products, or desire to use more than only 3 channels, you have to get on a more expensive plan. Shopping Feed is an add-on to six main e-commerce engines: Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Volusion, BigCommerce, WooCommerce. If your store runs on one of these platforms, you can use Shopping Feed to publish on multiple channels and, if this remarkable piece of technology runs smoothly, fulfill your orders in your original back-end. We think it is a very well conceived tool for online-savvy retailers.


Starts at $220 and goes up. Visibly more expensive than the others and with lower-priced plans soon limited in the number of orders a seller can receive and the number of channels she can use. It offers advanced tools such as inventory management, integration with FBA, shipping systems integration, CSV import, reporting, analytics, and more. In our view, it is a valuable tool for sellers already receiving several dozens of orders each day. Sellbrite doesn’t integrate any social media channel such as Facebook or others.


Stands out of the pack as it is purely a system to transfer listings from Amazon to eBay, and to fulfill them via Amazon. It has an entry price at $29 a month and a max price of $499 a month. More expensive plans allow a higher number of active listings in any given moment: list more than 100 items, and you’ll have to hop onto a more expensive plan. No other channel is supported other than Amazon and eBay. JoeLister is a technology deserving respect, for Amazon sellers wishing to expand their sight.


We designed Nembol to be a tool for beginners and medium-experienced sellers and priced it accordingly: our mobile app is completely free, while our Web version is at $29 a month. Nembol is designed to be simple. We skipped most of the complex functions useful only for larger retail enterprises, such as inventory syncing, FBA integration, … and built an easy interface with few buttons and one concept: it is the easy way to share your items on multiple channels. Nembol is the only one of the pack that allows to publish also on social media. It does it in one click, and generates automated links to the product for sale, driving traffic and sales.



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