Final Project: Making GIFs with Gimp

For my final project I decided to work on making GIFs with Gimp. Surprisingly, there were quite a few obstacles when first starting out on this project. I started out trying to find software I could use to pull videos from online, extract the frames I wanted, and throw them into Gimp. I was able to find several video software that allowed me to pull videos from online, but none that I could use to extract the frames. This made making GIFs from video difficult. Instead, I decided just to take images that I thought were appropriate, and put them on a continuing loop in Gimp to make a GIF. To do this, in short, I took the images from Google images. From there, I saved them to my Desktop folder, and open the images as layers when opening them in Gimp. I added a specific time (1000ms) to each image, to prolong when they’d switch. I changed the animation filter to a GIF format. From there I exported the looped images as a GIF file and downloaded them back to my Desktop Folder. Here are the ones I made (including the smiley faces).

School GIF

super smiles

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