Reflecting on “The Peripheral” by William Gibson

The Peripheral

When we first started reading this novel, it became quite apparent that this was going to be an interesting read. I found that it was actually very tasking to read the novel. I found myself asking several questions to my peers when we would be going over chapters in class, as I would find myself semi-lost through the world William Gibson had created. After reading the novel, I created a project that would show what I had taking away from the novel.

The project (Link is above) was a poster board I designed to show “The Jackpot Years”. The novel was very vague on what exactly “The Jackpot” was. So, I thought I would create a timeline to show what it could possibly be. I also found a video interview of William Gibson that also showed his thoughts on the timeline of the event. To create the timeline, I found a timeline of quotes from several other post-apocalyptic novels and took events from the quotes to make a timeline.

Overall, even though the novel was confusing, I thought it was definitely worth reading. I noticed that since the novel was so complex and confusing that when we would talk about it in class and do the teaching days, it brought about a variety of different perspectives from everyone in class, which was cool to see.

Some of my posts reflecting on this novel in slack are below: