What is the Internet?

I personal feel like the internet is a huge other worldly realm. After researching games and understanding them a bit more, it’s true that some people probably think their internet life could theoretically be more important than their real one. With this idea of games involved, the internet could be viewed as a portal to another reality.

With this, the internet giving us access to basically any form of entertainment we wish for, it can also be viewed as a resource to humanity at this point. Similar to water and food we’ve become dependent on it. One thing I can’t imagine though, is that this other realm of existence, the internet, is everlasting. It will definitely come to an end at some point and with the idea that it has an inevitable fate, just as we do, it gives it a humanistic quality. Regardless, overall , the internet just seems to be a new virtual realm. The main thing I think of, after moving forward in the class, is the matrix. I don’t know why, but I feel like the way the internet and technology is moving is almost matrix like. Anyways, hopefully that isn’t the case. The other way i’d look at the Internet is just an awesome filing cabinet that we can pull and store information to at a whim. Either way, the internet’s just an awesome tool and hopefully it doesn’t come to an end anytime soon.