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ASOS: Where Customers’ Content is our Marketing Tool

Customer engagement policies are a great way to build brand loyalty and affect shopper’s behaviors, purchasing actions and their views about the brand. ASOS is a UK based online fashion store mainly targeted towards twenty-year-old millennials. It offers a wide variety of products, ranging from known brands to their own brand. The website also offers a broad range of products such as; clothes (womenswear and menswear), accessories and beauty products.

The reason I chose this brand is because I have personally bought from it countless of times as well as the fact that I greatly enjoy their social media engagement and benefit from their support. ASOS has a presence on many social media accounts like; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. In this post I will be focusing on their engagement on Twitter and Instagram.

ASOS has various Twitter profiles which is beneficial to avoid overwhelming their followers and to give each topic the attention it deserves. ASOS has a separate account called @ASOS_HeretoHelp which is focused on customer’s queries. This ensures that their main account always portrays a positive brand image and allows them to give customer’s the attention they deserve. On top of that, they have included some quick response options to make the whole experience customer friendly and to ensure efficiency.

Twitter Multiple profiles — Twitter quick responses in the DMs of their help account

ASOS has also focused on offering unique content that is exclusive to certain platforms. For example, they offer their twitter followers discount codes that do not get posted on any other platform. The brand also presents a more “human” side on their Twitter profile by sharing gifs that are relevant to any popular topic. They also ask questions related to the season or any viral matter and engage with their followers by liking their replies.

Twitter using gifs

Going to Instagram, ASOS has two great campaigns that allowed them to become more successful and benefitted them and their followers as much. The first campaign is called “ASOS Insiders.” It consists of a network of sponsored influencer accounts that create their own original content presenting their individual styles to promote ASOS’s products. They are all individuals in their 20s that offer their followers recommendations, inspiration and styling ideas. The whole thing is made more convenient to the consumers by ensuring that the product codes are included in the caption.

ASOS Insiders and Product codes in caption

The second campaign is a hashtag (#asseenonme) which users can add under their own posts that feature products by ASOS. This gives the customers authentic and non-sponsored photos and opinions of ASOS’s products. People use this hashtag to showcase their own styles and outfits in hope of being reposted by the brand. ASOS have also focused on making their profile versatile to confirm that they have products to match each and every occasion, as well as adding a shop directly from Instagram option to make it more convenient and easier for customers.

#asseenonme on Instagram

In conclusion, I believe that ASOS has succeeded in using social media as an effective two-way-communication system by building a genuine platform that focuses on long-term interaction with customers to help broaden their outreach.




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