Donald Trump & Twitter, a love story

Trump & Twitter

On November 8, 2016, America was holding its breath during the presidential election opposing Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump. To everyone’s surprise, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. This businessman and billionaire has shocked the entire world with his unusual campaign and his set of scandals. Unfortunately, it did not end when he took office.

How the leader of the free world manages his communication? He is omnipresent on social media, especially on his social network of choice, Twitter. But, combine 280 characters and the most unpredictable man can result in funny and awkward moments.

More than one year after his election, we saw a variety of tweets but they all have a common point, they are impulsive, aggressive and abusive. According to the Independent, his tweets are composed mostly of fake news (183), attacks to Hilary Clinton (83) and campaign promises (34). Trump’s tweets are provocative and he often targets people, countries or things and the White House is struggling to manage his insults and affronts.

@realDonaldTrump has his own style and even if it is more than controversial, this is one key to his success. He controls his account and most of the time he writes himself his tweets. So in addition to his ”proximity”, people like the fact that he says what he want to say, filterless. And it is maybe what made him win the election. The reason of the tone of his tweets? It is almost the first thing he does when he wakes up and so this is his pure thinking, shaped all night long and without intervention of the White House.

Another aspect really important of his communication on Twitter is his ubiquity on the social network. The president had tweet, according to the Independent, 2,593 times on the first year of his presidency, so around 7 tweets per day which leaves no rest for his followers.


Tweets unlike any other, Donald Trump found the recipe to draw attention. He is using capital letters when he is furious, makes spelling mistakes and even sometimes invent words but what makes the particularity and uniqueness of Trump is his use of insulting nicknames to characterize his rivals. ”Little Rocket Man” for Kim Jong Un, ”Crooked Hilary” for Hilary Clinton, “Pocahontas” for Elizabeth Warren, ”Psycho Joe” for Joe Scarborough.. By doing this, Trump is using a political strategy, strike hard to deliver his message.

But is it all this a strategy from the president? Is he using scandals to deflect attention?, to put forwards ideas?, to draw attention in view of a re-election?, to scare his political opponents with false threats? Probably. In any case he succeed his media revolution by being the first president using that much a social media and with his personal account. By basing his communication on Twitter, Donald Trump understood the power of new media and is changing the way people understand politics by polarizing it. Since his election he won around 30 million of followers.