12 Reasons why to use B2B Email Marketing for the Holidays

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The holiday season is an opportune time for brands to email marketing to verify customer contact information at this time of the year.

With shoppers eager to pour dollars on wish lists they have postponed all year long, now is the time to step up your email marketing strategy for lucrative returns.

Have you ever wondered if the email marketing campaign is worth incorporating into your marketing strategy this holiday? Here are a few email marketing stats that will give you insights into the 2021 shopping season.

Why are email marketing automation campaigns most effective?

Email marketing is indisputably a marketing strategy to consider this holiday. It is time to beat through the endless realms of emails shoppers will receive over the Christmas season and emerge the winner.

Best practices of crafting an awesome email marketing journey this Christmas season.

  1. Prepare an email distribution list.

You need an authentic email list to carry out a successful email marketing campaign. Start by creating an opt-in pop-up form for your website. You can also include slide-ins for your landing pages to collect emails for your contact list.

The emails must come from genuinely interested people interested in receiving communication from your brand.

Sending random emails to uninterested people equals spamming. This classification ultimately deprioritizes your domain’s brand. Check out the guidelines of the CASL anti-spam compliance regulations around sending random emails.

2. Choose your preferred Email Service Provider.

A trusted email service provider (ESP) helps you automate your emails, stay relevant and timely.

Selecting an ESP platform with integrated features that enable you to create friendly, quick, and easy ways for followers to subscribe and learn more about your product is a fantastic strategy for building on your email list. If you can ask them to share their preferences, that’s an even greater bonus.

Be sure to choose a reputable email service provider. A few email service providers we recommend you are Mail Chimp, Sendiblue, or ConstantContact. These platforms automate the delivery of multi-step email campaign journeys, customize processes, and segment email target messaging according to customer behavior.

3. Be precise with your goals.

What outcome do you expect from your campaigns? Being objective about what you want to achieve lies at the center of creating a personable and user-friendly experience.

Align your email list with your ideal customer’s user behaviour and curate content that directly speaks to the audience's needs. Lastly, use automation tools to run and monitor these email marketing campaigns.

4. Personalize your template

Every email template must have preheader text, open salutation. An example of this is, “Hello, First name” of the reader, and body text should include an announcement, offering or benefits, closing salutation including your customer service team’s contact details.

The bottom line, you must send awesome, engaging content that your contacts will be willing to read.

5. Incorporate your branding in all your Emails

When your subscriber opens your email it should bear a striking consistent resemblance to the material they see promoted out there for your brand. For example website design, logos, font type, and usage of line-height between your copy. As a standard practice always link your business logo within your email to your website.

6. Give attention to the email marketing preview text

Paraphrase the overall message of an email into 50 character text including space or less to tease your customers about an upcoming sale or amazing one-time discount. This is the chance to make a first-time impression.

Most marketers are often unaware of the power of the preview text space. Paying attention to this space can be the difference between a win or an epic fail. Start by keeping your preview text concise and catchy. Write in straightforward language expanding on your subject line.

Don’t forget to use action words to get your contact into the action of opening the email. Remember, make the most of your connection before they scroll on by. Please don’t waste it!

7. Timing is everything, learn the best times to connect with customers

Sending messages improperly is one critical mistake that most marketers make.

Our email marketing Experts are comfortable in reporting through their experimental research and best practices, a general standard has proven that the best B2B Email Marketing deployment practice is to avoid Mondays and Fridays.

Similarly, the best time can be that time when your corresponding audience is most active. You simply need to spend some time analyzing results to determine a benchmark.

8. Include Call to actions in your message

The puzzle in email marketing is giving your contact a compelling reason why they should click that “contact me now” link.

Typically, the call to action (CTA) is the climax of the story, and before you engage your contacts to perform a given action, you need to demonstrate or build a convincing case to support your CTA.

For emails that have a single focus, the placement of the CTA should follow the natural flow of the story. Best practice requires placing the buttons towards the right bottom of the content.

9. Provide a compelling and well-thought subject line

Why would people open your emails in their busiest time? To get an eye-catching email, make it compelling and exciting to the readers. Make a subject line with a Bang!

The Dos: make it as short as possible, use open questions to engage the reader, adding a reference location to make the email more customized.

The Don’ts: Do not include capital letters; include numbers, percentage symbols, or exceed 50 characters in the subject line.

10. A/B test subject lines and calls to action

A/B testing is a method of contrasting how two subject lines of the same email perform within your contact list.

The first is the subject line is sent to a batch of contacts, and the second one is also sent to a similar number of emails similar to those in your contact list. The one that gets more attention wins and is used to send your emails.

11. Hypertext link in emails to landing pages

Here is an opportunity to build dialog and inevitably build a connection. With digital marketing, this is achieved by simply getting access to a landing page of the relevant information mentioned within the email. It demonstrates exploration and organization, giving the viewer a plan to learn more.

12. Make it easy for your subscribers to stay in touch with you

It is no surprise that some of your subscribers will be sharing your content with peers or friends, and that’s great because forwarding to a friend is similar to free advertising, word of mouth. A great practice is also to include “manage preferences” as an option in the footer of an email.

Lastly, with social and other contemporary marketing channels appearing to be on the uptake, reports show marketers still validate that email marketing is 60% to 80% more beneficial towards closing a sale. On that note, modern marketing principles should not obstruct traditional marketing channels.

Have you started sending out your holiday emails? Are you still doubting the effectiveness of email marketing this festive season?

To take your business to the next level, talk to an expert today.

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