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Top-performing businesses are already using conversational marketing to nurture leads and using AI Chatbots to generate greater numbers of leads.

I am sure you have tried it all from social ads, email marketing, lead magnets, and if you had some extra cash, you’ve undoubtedly spent on advertisements and sponsorships to get the much-desired business leads. Getting business leads is not easy to come by. I remember the day I captured my first 100 leads and screamed, “Yes! I have mastered the conversation code.”

You know how the story goes; I was certainly wrong.

Getting leads is but a step in the process. The modern age consumer is spoiled with options and lots of information; getting their attention and successfully taking them through the sales funnel requires more than offering services or products. Cracking the code requires meeting your leads at a personal level and offering services that specifically solve their problems.

Modern marketers have noticed the critical intersection between technology and personalization. And they are now implementing the latest addition in the digital marketing space — conversational marketing to better their customer experience.

What is conversational marketing?

It’s essentially a real-time talk chat with your customers online through a messaging app. It enables meeting customers where they are and whenever they want to get more information online, at times it’s a live chat, and other times it’s a pre-planned chatbot utilizing conversational AI.

These live engagements can be integrated on any platform where your potential customers want to communicate with your business. You can do it on websites, social media platforms like the Facebook messenger app, or emails. If you want more than customer engagement and happy customers, conversational marketing is the way to go! It is customer-centric and gives new visitors an opportunity to interact with you on a one-on-one basis.

Keep the chat going, while Sales teams focus on building customer relationship

Conversational marketing is proven to increase conversion rates. It is a sure way of taking all your hard-earned business leads through the sales funnel and successfully converting them into customers. It helps you access and react to customer needs quickly, and provides additional information about your product and services. It creates bespoke experiences for each customer, creates better-personalized shopping adventures, and helps you build a truly happy customer base.

Here are other benefits you get when you integrate this digital marketing strategy into your digital marketing and automation strategy.

1. Get free customer feedback.

Conversational marketing allows prospects to share anonymous feedback about their needs and interests over an interactive online platform. Here you get to talk to your actual customers instead of having them fill out surveys to extract vital data. You get to learn directly from customers, and you can use the information they provide in identifying up and crossing selling opportunities that directly address their pain points.

Additionally, you learn if the content you’ve shared online resonates with potential customers. Conversational marketing gives you the opportunity to optimize your website content to be more clear and concise through the data collected in the chat platform. And it helps to share and save the conversation on CRM contact record notes for future references.

2. It is an excellent personalization tool.

It would be much easier for small businesses if prospect engagement went through the sales funnel on the same schedule. Ideally, this is not realistic since there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all potential customers. Every customer has specific needs, which as a business, you will need to address at the personal level. Yes, you could be having a superb digital marketing strategy, but with unprecedented market changes and technological advancements, and easy access to information, most prospects are averagely well informed. When the prospects start a conversation with you, they are seeking immediate solutions for their quarries. It’s always best to provide timely and personalized responses. It comes with great value for your business.

45% of marketers report that personalization helps improve the brand building, lead generation, and customer acquisition. A report by Smart Insight indicates that an effective personalized conversational marketing strategy could skyrocket your business 3X more. You, however, need specific technologies and resources if you are to reach your prospects at the right time whenever they need to get additional information from your business. For that, we suggest reaching out to a knowledgeable expert for a consultation on the best approach that aligns with your business goals.

Conversational marketing solutions such as Facebook messenger app and AI chatbots are the best marketing tactic to achieve this. The solution guides the customer and offers real-time resolutions.

3. Live Chat helps to build customer relationships.

A good marketer understands the value of creating a positive customer experience through various touchpoints in the customer conversion journey. The core principles include scoring, source attribution, data collection to develop a predictive one-to-one personalization to boost conversions.

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How successful is conversational marketing at building customer relationships?

Businesses that implement the strategy have reported a 30%- 33% increase in conversions. The strategy also can increase leads 4X, 6X increase in sales opportunities, and a 3X sales boost.

Gamma, for instance, recorded a whopping 33% increase in website conversion worth nearly $1M of revenue from this strategy. Conversational marketing tools enable you to collect valuable information about your business which helps you make conversations more meaningful and personalized.

As a business owner, I am sure you want to integrate the best tool to boost your sales. We can help! Learn how we can assist you with a tailored content marketing strategy and marketing automation services here.

What are the conversational strategies?

Unlike traditional marketing methods that may use pre-packaged content, this strategy is intended to meet the prospects, offer guidance, and deliver information where the prospects are and whenever they need it.

There are various ways to doing it; they include:

  • Lead capture forms
  • Free consultations
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Live Customer support service
  • Customer service agent Phone
  • AI Chatbots, among others

Chat messaging is trending to reach more leads efficiently.

Chatbots make it possible and offer a frictionless alternative to reach your customers. This technology allows small businesses to automate SMS short text code messaging to go out to customers whenever they respond to the prompt. More robust chatbots will enable the visitor to get information in real-time for any submission they make. It initiates real-time conversations with the visitor until you or your customer service agent decides to jump on board. Simply said, ai bot chats allow your business to harness our existing offline supports and integrate them with online technologies. The bots qualify leads, and smooths connect them with customer support staff who are in charge of helping customers.

The reason why AI chatbots are the trendsetter rights now is that they place your brand ahead of the competition. The aim is to be the first point of contact with customers providing solutions to business needs. Imagine having all customer information at the central pace and processing this information in the fastest way possible. That is what real-time chat offers you.

If you are finding challenges incorporating this feature into your website, no worries. Give us a call today! We will help you integrate everything and get things moving in the shortest time possible.

Other older methods

Engaging your prospects on a one-on-one basis does not start and end with chatbots. It has been around for a while, and methods like email marketing and free consultation are good examples of older methods. AI Chatbots, however, offer an added advantage in that they are available 24/7, the customer of the bot can initiate the conversation, chatbots are faster at qualifying leads. They often get a response from target leads almost instantly, and lastly; they lead the sales team to close the deal.

What is more? Harness the power of conversational marketing to create a great customer experience. It is the only trusted way of building trust through meaningful conversations and making your customers’ buying experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Are you stuck somewhere? Learn from the experts how to set up a working conversational marketing strategy. Conversational marketing is a continuous process that you thought may work for your business may not work.

Get in touch today and learn how we can help.



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