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The planning and work behind building all the great sections to an overall story.

Need to simplify your business story?

If you got a vision and a dream. Well, then you’re leaps and bounds ahead of your competition in today’s market.

Digital marketing helps define a single picture saying a thousand worth of words. Have you noticed how every business out there uses photos and videos to promote their products and services? Well, look everywhere, and you can see colorful ads screaming on your screen. After all, digital marketing is emerging to scale up with things like predictive analytics or IoT (internet of things), and the power of reviews on Google, who thought a single line could raise or crash a business.

Audiences are now hooked with snippets of clips, colorful pictures rather than longer texts. But in reality, you can’t just simply put these creatives out there and introduce them to people. You have to build a strategy that attracts your targeted audiences and generates interest by developing engaging marketing tactics. Here is where it’s at if you want to stand out among the ocean of these eye-catching visuals and interesting advertisements.

To start creating impactful visual stories, not just for your business but also for your customers, you must do it with sincere intention. Visualize what your potential customers will consider if they want to choose a specific brand or product. So, when you wear your customers’ shoes, you’ll know what you have to emphasize when reaching out to them. The important thing about visual storytelling is that you’re not just giving them an idea of what your company does in one glance, but also, you’re making a connection with them.

The Essence of Visual Storytelling

Creating compelling visual storytelling is also a key to keep a new customer into long term clients. It’s like a bridge that you’re building to get your potential clients’ trust, loyalty, and awareness about what your brand can offer. Meaning to say you’re introducing your audience to your unique idea and your way of attracting them to come to you. Even if it’s not brand spanky new, the important thing is that it’s unique to you, which is perfect and resonates with your target audience. Here is where your chances to guide your viewers to cross that bridge toward your doors will keep coming. So, when people see your visual story, it will create a deep connection and insight with them, and that connection will be the start of your relationship with them.

Some people may feel the risks of entering into digital marketing where everything evolves and trends so rapidly. It’s like nothing remains as a constant favorite of these internet users unless something can touch their hearts and creates an unforgettable memory in their psyche. To avoid this, you must get into your clients’ heads and unfold what it’s like in the form of the visual story you put out there. Of course, you don’t want to give them a lousy impression when they see it, so make sure you’ll give them an insightful, deeper level of engagement with your services and products. The question you have to ask yourself is, how are you going to present your visual story and make it an impactful, unforgettable, and effective strategy for your digital marketing ventures?

Getting More Familiar with Visual Story

With the fast-paced world and emerging technology that we have today, a youtube clip went from 2 minute minimum per clip to 15 seconds to keep the audience’s interests and drive worth. A video can speak for 1.8-million words, and today is known as a crucial MVP (minimal viable product). Another strategy is for visual creatives to tell a narrative or story about the brand. Implementing your brand’s core principles is a marketing technique that builds culture as Bill Jobs did with Apple. It’s like getting an emotional response from people and evoking their inner feelings through a specific brand’s story. Your principles will need to help followers feel safe and encouraged in your offering. Similarly, this also helps to educate the audiences in a way that doesn’t look dull and boring, but more like exciting and persuading them to try a specific brand. This is an effective way of gathering people to come to your business by telling them that you can relate to them.

On the other hand, talking about your customers’ visual story is another topic you have to consider. You must keep in mind that you don’t just put up an ad and expect people to come to your zone. Say, for example, you got that Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign running, but then it’s barely getting the lead conversions you had hoped it would have.

So, what are you supposed to be doing?

Act quickly! Do some research on how to improve its performance. If this also happens to you, don’t worry! It happens in every business out there. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t assess and change what’s going on and look for opportunities in your marketing efforts like shorten sentences or including keywords that compel viewers to act by clicking your ad.

Things to consider, for example, would be:

  • How long has it been since you launched it?
  • What kind of results are you hoping for the campaign?
  • If things don’t work out the way you expect, how much longer will you allow that money pit to continue to drain your budgets?

If your answers aren’t really on the good and effective side, then it’s a sign for you to shift the hook in your brand’s story. Perhaps, doing a bit more research to find out what your customers’ soar point or looking for, people in a new territory, and promoting business in those new spaces will let them know you exist.

If it’s the other case around, then your current marketing strategy is not working, and maybe, you need to improve your strategic approach to visualize your story. It should be something that doesn’t just make you a business person, but the leap that makes a human-centered impact where they can relate — for instance, giving up something of value to help others work through or even resolve a common problem. Remember, it’s important to connect with your potential clients’ emotions and let them know that you’re more than just a business reaching out to them.

So, before you strike that go live button on your website, consult these foundational components to determine your customers’ visual story.

  1. Identifying who your customers are

Most business owners are too caught up in how they can promote their company’s brand story, and they end up forgetting this aspect of their business. Keep in mind that it’s for the people, your prospects, and the subject of your business goals. They might be a teacher, stay home parent, a student, or even a CEO, and each of them has its avatar. The efforts you are giving to introduce your brand should also be the same as targeting your customers’ visual story.

Describe the customers your sales executives consider prime value. You can implement research and create customer avatars to identify what makes them in common and unique. That way, you’re not just digging your customers’ needs but also finding out how to gain their attention. Knowing their needs and ways to capture their attention is a step ahead in reaching higher leads or ROI.

2. Engage with your customers

If you succeed in getting your customers’ attention, don’t chill and relax yet. Reach out to your customers, and let them know that they made the right decision to choose you. Try to find out what they want or the things they are curious about because it would certainly make them feel valued and significant. Not only that, but this will also make them continuously cross the bridge for your business or even spread the word about your business. So, go ahead and pique their interests. Share your company’s goals and its additional services slowly.

Remember, when you engage with customers, it shouldn’t revolve around your business alone. Don’t lose your customers’ value, and instead, let them know how and why your company is made for them.

3. Keep your brand’s reputation to your customers.

Once you establish the right client base coming to your online business regularly, offer insightful information that brings them value. The competition in digital marketing channels is crazy, so you have to maintain your brand’s buzz and remain on top of the network. The more customers are coming for your services, the more expansive place you are getting amidst the spotlight. After all, the inbound channels at the top of the funnel help you understand who the marketing landscape is.

Keeping the best impressions you gave to your prospects reflects your brand’s story and your customers’ visual story. When it happens, many consumers will want to be a part of your brand, like what Apple or Ikea had done. Discover what they want, and that will be their turn to keep on choosing you and your offered services all the time. So, the next time you launch a PPC campaign, video ad, email marketing, or social media strategy, it’s not just out of wanting to tell your company’s story. It’s also visualizing your customers’ story, informing them that you exist and that their passion resonates with yours in helping them along the way.

We got you and your marketing tactics about customers’ visual stories covered! It isn’t very easy to absorb all this at first, but having the right people beside you will make things easier! To learn more, connect with our Digital Consultant Christyna on this topic, and she’ll be happy to help you out with the next steps.



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