Digital Marketing: Is it possible to reach out to the right audience? What matters?

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Did you know that there are over 4.66 billion active internet users? And an internet penetration rate of around 59.5% worldwide?

With much to do online, we cannot underestimate the power of the internet.

It has undoubtedly altered the way we do business, influenced how we connect, share information, and conduct our day-to-day interactions.

With this, if you don’t maintain a robust online presence, your business is missing out on essential digital marketing and advertising growth pecks.

You are limiting your ability to reach the right audience at the right place and time. Are you willing to work with Canada’s best marketers to drive increase conversions and ROIs? Learn how you can do this via your web audience.

How to transform your sales and reach out to the right audience using digital marketing.

Marketing has had beautiful transformations over the past few decades. The invention of the internet and the innovation of mobile technologies has made markets more accessible than ever before.

New technologies now offer numerous ways of connecting with customers, but they also provide new pathways for digital B2B and B2C to generate demand and leads.

Most importantly, digital marketing comes as a cost-effective marketing strategy, often costing half the cost of traditional marketing methods.

It is a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing methods. So, you can’t miss having one. Get a free consultation from industry experts and find out what methods are suitable for your next online marketing campaign.

Digital marketing; what is it?

Digital marketing is using the internet to send messages to customers. It entails all forms of advertising and promotion done online or through the internet.

You will note that marketing is all about connecting with people at the right time and place. With many people spending time on the internet, digital marketing then allows businesses to communicate with customers in places they spend most of their time.

What are the areas that Digital marketing covers?

When we say digital marketing, we refer to all forms of online marketing campaigns. They include but not limited to:

· Websites

· Business blogs

· Social media platforms

· Search engine optimization

· Banner adverts

· Pay per click (PPC)

· Customer reviews, among many other forms.

There is an open debate whether to include TV and digital billboards as digital marketing tools. Indeed, these are digital tools, but they do not qualify since their marketing outcomes are not easy to measure.

Types of digital marketing

Digital marketing breaks down two broad categories.

· Pull digital marketing
· Push digital marketing

What difference separates the two?

Which one is the best option for your business?

Push digital marketing involves pushing your brand information in In front of your customers. It is a lead generation strategy aimed to achieve maximum conversion rates.

The pull method is a demand generation approach. Its strategies aim to increase the demand for products and services.

The following demand-generating strategies can help you create awareness and increase demand for your products or services.

  • Lead scoring
  • Hold live and virtual promotion events
  • Influencer and partnership marketing
  • conducting account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns
  • Webinars
  • PR campaigns and
  • Give Away

Unlike push marketing, where the goal is making conversions, demand generation activities aim to make consumers seek a product or service.

Demand generation vs. lead generation

Lead generation can be framed as digital marketing.

Why is this the case?

Typically, the primary goal of any demand generation function is creating demand. Demand creation here involves helping an audience identify their needs and see how your products or services offer solutions.

This goal is, however, not tied with brand awareness. Why? Any well-planned and executed demand generation framework can result in leads.

A typical example is where we have a general information article with a call to action at the end.

The article serves the function of dissemination information to create awareness and at the same time as a lead generation channel.

Note that the primary goal of demand generation is not tied to creating awareness. Just like in digital marketing, you can use demand generation methods to generate leads to your site.

In essence, demand generation, unlike digital marketing, is more comprehensive. It is the sales engine for building brand awareness, increasing traffic, and ensuring quality leads and conversion at the end.

A great marketer is interested in the sales funnel, right from creating brand awareness to making conversions. At Creative Bang Lab, we pay attention to these details to build impactful customer journey activities that increase and measure business ROI. Learn how you can unlock business opportunities and growth. Talk to us today!

Demand generation and lead generation; what is this one thing that you should do?

Isn’t marketing very demanding? It requires capital, setting up the business, and demands buyers.

Marketing is also expensive: The average cost per click on the display network is $90.80 and 56.11 on the search network.

So, if you are looking for success, it then demands quality marketing.

After all, the goal of any business is to generate quality leads, then make conversions. With this, demand and lead generation become important for any businesses who want to grow their online presence and gain more leads

When people ask me, what is this one thing I should do to boost my quality leads and growing my sales funnel? My answer usually is, it is not a 123 thing or process.

Lead/ Demand generation b2b marketing is sciences. We can’t simplify it into a single answer.


For any successful conversion, it takes a journey, right from attracting prospects, nurturing, and convincing them to transact with you.

After weeks of creating awareness, when a website visitor shows signs of intent to purchase, you take them through a sales funnel and ensure a successful conversion.

The process is not as simple as setting up a click here or contact us button and watching the sales pour in.

That said, there is, however, one problem about demand and lead generation processes that I want to shout from the rooftops. Maybe by shading light on it, it may unstick you from your lead generation problem.

The challenge I see in demand and lead generation is a lack of understanding of the clientele.

The tricky with B2C or B2B marketing is that too many businesses are trying to sell the same products or services out there.

This then means that:

Your product or services will meet stiff competition out there and

Few businesses will be interested in your product or service

Isn’t that quite disheartening?

Of course, yes. And that is why you need to walk into marketing, knowing that every step counts! In short, any lead or demand generation activities should help you:

· Create interest in prospective buyers and

· Move the prospective customers through their buying process and

· Ensure a successful conversion.

Any demand generation best practices that aim to certify the above needs can undoubtedly take you to the place you want to be. That is increasing sales.

I need to build trust with my online visitors and move them through the buying process. What can I do?

You only need a deep understanding of your prospects. You can always use aggregated metrics visitors create when visiting you online to understand your customers. These data can help you know what your customers are thinking, what they want, and what they are doing at each stage on the sales funnel.

In the end, this will help you draw insight and make the right marketing investment decisions, know the right channels and strategies to use at each stage to help you make more sales.

Consider this, you could be having the best navigable website and exceptionally designed blogs, but if you don’t understand your clientele and do the right audience targeting, you will be missing the mark by far.

So, get out there and speak with your customers. Many lead generation tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Pipedrive can help in the process.

The future of digital marketing is made today! Take advantage of our world-class branding services. We help build brands and drive reliable and measurable results for our clients. Learn more on how to leverage your target audience for business growth and more sales or Get a quotation here.



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