How to Take the Big Step, Starting a Small Business

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Unlocking the lie with strategic business marketing consultancy, and creating sustainable businesses.

Not many people live to achieve self-fulfillment through the realization of their deepest desires and capacities. It is not surprising that women and women of color, to be most precise, fail to achieve their aspirations and financial freedom for many reasons.

It could be a wrong choice made or failure to make a critical executable action plan that, in the end, leaves one in desperation and devastation. Factors like jobs are holding them back from starting a business of their own, or the fear of what competitive analysis comes next stops them from doing what they think will bring them freedom and a sense of pure joy.

If you are asking yourself whether you need a business coach or marketing consultant when starting a business? You are not alone. Have you ever considered working with a certified business coach or marketing consultant? It can be a lifesaving decision, especially when things move in the wrong direction and you are faced with a life-altering decision.

Does this imply coaching works when the tide is not in your favor?

The fact is, you need a business coach before launching any business venture. The coach will be your partner throughout your business journey — from setting up your goals, to realizing the vision that you have in mind. A good professional business coach will hone you into someone without the walls;
we tend to keep up for ourselves. A Professional coach guides you through
the vital next steps of gaining the wider options to broaden your horizon along your business start-up journey.

Is your job holding you back: What is this hurdle holding you back as a woman of color from setting your course, and sights on walking out your purpose? How to become unstuck… Mona Abow, CEO, certified Life Coach, and Business Strategist at the Boundless Mindset, tells it all. Get to learn and understand how your mindset could be the setback towards achieving your dream business. Listen as Mona unpacks the limitations a mindset can hold. She shares informative and influential ways of taking bold steps to shift and reshape your thinking. By putting strategies into practice, learn life-building cornerstone approaches that make all the difference.

Successful people tend to have a growth mindset, which they learn from their lifelong experiences, self-awareness, and experimentation. While some people are naturally born to emulate these qualities, all of us can’t miss some blind spots.

Whether it is that one task that completely gets you off your composure and you don’t know why or that job that keeps derailing your progress, these are what we call blind spots in your business success journey.

Blind spots can hold you in a place of bondage without knowing; self-limiting beliefs have their way of continuously misguiding your logic and best intentions to trigger reactions that keep holding you back.

What are these blind spots that are holding you back from starting your dream business?

Have you told yourself enough is enough, yet? Get off the hamster wheel, remove the shackles and the self-imposed limitations.

Start today. Connect with Mona Abow on The Mindset Mastery Course or in a one-on-one coaching session. Learn business strategies, establish your growth and abundance mindset toolkit, and practice, which will help you master your mindset and ultimately resolve the imposed beliefs that have held you back for too long.

No more analysis-paralysis vision because this self-realization course offers all you need to leap and find the infinite possibilities with all the great potentials you have.

Meet brilliant women of color just like yourself, but who are now living their dream lives while creating meaningful impacts in their communities.

Remember everything starts with that first step and The Boundless Mindset life coaching gives you the platform from where to launch your first step and draw relatable inspiration.

Meet Maxine Grant, a woman of color, the founder at Creative Bang Lab Agency, leading a small business, a digital marketing agency based in Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. She shares her transformation journey in Podcast: Episode 51 with Mona Abow as the host. Get to discover how she is living the dream as a Digital marketing technology consultant and aspires to impact positive changes in the community and the digital marketing space.

The Boundless Mindset podcast, hosted by Mona Abow, shares the inspirational discoveries of various women of color in business, like yourself, who finally took that leap.

Become empowered, as you listen to these inspirational stories from strong, independent, and entrepreneurial women of color who have decided to better themselves. And navigate their life journey; as these women blaze through the trials towards establishing their businesses.

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