Digital Storytelling unfolds through a Podcast.

I am intrigued by this website as an example of digital storytelling. It seems to incorporate the multi-layered, multimedia elements described in, “Tutorial: Multimedia Storytelling: Learn The Secrets From Experts,” by Jane Stevens. 99% invisible began as a podcast platform but in the recent redesign of their site they have expanded to telling stories through all media. The title, 99% Invisible, alludes to nature of the stories featured. They are stories about aspects of life that usually go unnoticed or are taken for granted. But as the story unfolds our curiosity is piqued and we realize that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

The primary point of entry into the stories is through the audio podcast. The podcast in itself is captivating and through ambient sound and texture they are almost visual in structure. Through its depth, it makes you want to visually experience the story which the site provides in videos, maps, graphics, still photos and text. I was deep into the story about Bauhaus photographer, Lucia Moholy, in pre-WWII Germany as Roman Mars was describing her photographs in detail I found myself desperately wanting to see these images. So finding her images, along with maps and background information really completed the story.

Of course there are more visually dynamic multi-media sites or sites with more interactivity. But, I am curious to see if others think of this primarily audio site is successful as an engaging method of digital storytelling.