Dolphin Awesomeness

I stumbled upon RYOT this week, which if you haven’t seen before, is mind-blowing (much like the photo at the top of the article depicts). The organization, which is a part of Huffington Post, takes relevant issues and creates cutting edge campaign websites for each cause. This page was for dolphins, who are often held in captivity, or brutally murdered in the ocean. It is both informative, and interactive.

As you scroll along the page, things move, and even jump out at you. Part of the storytelling experience allows the reader to dive underwater, using 360 video cameras to follow dolphins in their natural environment, while narrating the scene.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which kept me engaged, while learning about an issue that I did not previously know of. There was also a “Take Action” button, which after raising awareness, dares you to get involved in the cause. I have no complaints about this storytelling method. It was extremely well executed.